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Design a Magazine About Agriculture

Led by agriculture teacher, David Marbot, Schoharie Central School agriculture students design and present an agricultural magazine in class to promote writing skills, organization, and creativity. Each magazine consists of eight pages including a cover page, advertisements, table of contents, magazine and Internet articles, and an opinion page. Magazines are graded on content, creativity, neatness, detail, accuracy, and spelling. The last grade is determined by an in-class presentation. From a unique title to catchy pictures, this project teaches originality and it influences students to become aware of current agricultural issues.

For more information about Marbotís award winning teaching ideas, contact him by calling (518) 295-8189. For more information about the NAAE Ideas Unlimited award program, contact the NAAE Office by calling (800) 772-0939 or sending e-mail to

David Marbot, Schoharie Central School in Pennsylvania, was the 1999 NAAE Ideas Unlimited award winner for Region VI. The program is sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health, as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.

Pfizer Animal Health

Editorial PlateFFA Chapters: You Can Win $1,000 from Hamilton-Locke!

Hamilton-Locke announces a challenging new educational contest for all registered FFA chapters. Be the first chapter to correctly identify the nearly 1,000 photos of various weeds, insects and crop diseases that are located on the contest poster and win $1,000 for your FFA chapter and AgExplorer merchandise for your chapter members!

This contest is designed to highlight how new technologies like AgExplorer can be used to diagnose problems, find solutions, and guide students on the Internet. Instructors are excluded from the contest, but may assist by guiding students to references. Participants are invited to use any reference material available, including the AgExplorer CD, to identify as many of the photos as possible. All of the photos on the poster are taken from the AgExplorer CD-ROM.

Please follow the contest instructions carefully. They can be found at The FFA chapter submitting the answer sheet with the most correct answers will receive the grand prize of $1,000 for their FFA chapter, an AgExplorer 1-year site-license for their school, and AgExplorer merchandise for each student in the chapter. The second and third place chapters will receive a 1-year AgExplorer site-license for their school and AgExplorer merchandise for each chapter member. Fourth through tenth place chapters will win a 1-year site license for their school. In case of a tie, the entry turned in first will receive priority. The deadline for all entries is April 15, 2001.

If you have not received a poster from your state program administrator, order a free one at Questions regarding the contest can be sent to or call 1-800-282-0044.

NFRBMEA Communications

The National Farm and Ranch Business Management Education Association (NFRBMEA) is an association of ag educators located throughout the United States and Canada. Sharing ideas and communicating has always been what NFRBMEA is about.

Early in NFRBMEA history, John Hest, a farm management instructor from Hawley, Minnesota, took it upon himself to start a newsletter that went out to members four times each year. He christened the newsletter Nuts & Bolts to suggest the practical aspects of farm and ranch business management education. After seven years as editor, Hest passed the communications torch to Wayne and Deb Pike, farm management education professionals in LeRoy, Minnesota. Nuts & Bolts is now published in hard copy format three times per year.

The NFRBMEA Board of Directors and members now invite the world to take a look at Nuts & Bolts, and much more, on our Web site at Here we tell about our annual conferences, past and future. We list our corporate friends and provide links to memberís sites as well as other sites of interest to ag education professionals. A map of the continent associates members with their state or province. Contact with our Board is encouraged through hypertext e-mail links.

The most recent addition to our site is a bulletin board area. You are invited to drop in and join us as we develop our international discussion of issues affecting agriculture and education. Deb Pike created and maintains the NFRBMEA site. She would appreciate hearing from you.


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