National Teach Ag Day - September 21, 2017

What is National Teach Ag Day?

National Teach Ag Day is a day to celebrate school-based agricultural education and to encourage agricultural education advocates, especially current agricultural educators (middle school, high school, post-secondary, pre-service programs, etc.) to share with others the great career opportunities in agricultural education.

Who Is It For?

National Teach Ag Day is for anyone who wants to celebrate school-based agricultural education, share the story of agricultural education’s importance and effectiveness in the United States, and encourage students to consider careers as agricultural educators. Anyone who wants to participate can find a variety of resources to help them talk about agricultural education at

What Happens on National Teach Ag Day

Agricultural educators and agricultural education advocates will engage in a variety of activities to celebrate and promote the career of agricultural education. These activities may include capitol rallies, special lessons, community activities, and more. The Teach Ag website is a clearinghouse of resources to help teachers and advocates, and free resources found there include a video, suggested teaching activities, games, and giveaway items.

Who is responsible for Teach Ag day?

National Teach Ag Day is a component of the National Teach Ag Campaign, an initiative to bring attention to the career of agricultural education, get students thinking about a possible career in agricultural education, and to support current agricultural educators in their careers.

The Teach Ag Campaign is an initiative of the National Council for Agricultural Education, led by the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE). It is sponsored by the CHS Foundation and DuPont Pioneer as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.


Get ready for the 2017 National Teach Ag Day celebration on September 21st! There are so many ways to participate!

Send Us YOUR Snap Story!
Are you having a party to celebrate National Teach Ag Day? We want to see what you are doing!

Here's what you can do to show us what you are doing to celebrate:

  • Take TONS of pictures!! 
  • Send us YOUR Snap Story on SnapChat so we can see and feature all of the awesome things you are doing to celebrate with us!

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Collegiate Contest
The National Teach Ag Day Collegiate Contest voting will begin Monday, September 18th at 12am EDT right here on the Teach Ag website! The video with the most views wins the traveling trophy, a prize package & bragging rights for the year! Views will be counted from 9/19 until the end of the live webcast on 9/21!

Check back for more information about the contest later this year.

Host a Watch Party
National Teach Ag Day is a great opportunity to share with others your love for ag education and passion for teaching! Here are some ideas for hosting your own party:

  • Gather your friends, colleagues, peers, advisors, & anyone else you can think of to share in the National Teach Ag Day celebration!
  • Nominate someone you think will be a great ag teacher! 
  • Order in lunch & watch the National Teach Ag Day live webcast!
  • Purchase a Teach Ag kit for yourself or someone you know who will be a great ag teacher!!
  • No matter what you decide to do, share your celebration with us on social media! 


Spread the Word!

2016 Teach Ag Day Media Packet

News Release Template
Modify this and send to your newspaper or other media outlets to share how your class or program celebrated National Teach Ag Day.

Newsletter Article about National Teach Ag Day
For state association newsletters, or any place an article about National Teach Ag Day is needed. Use as is or modify.

Media Finder

Contact the Media

Click the button to the left to search for media in your area, then share your Teach Ag Day Plans.

Social Media Tips and Starters
This year's Teach Ag Day hashtag is #tagged16

Example wording for an official Teach Ag Day proclamation
Rep. Travis W. Childers (D-MS) sponsored an official national proclamation for Teach Ag Day 2010, and several states followed suit. Here is the national proclamation, which can be used as an example for creating something at the state level.

Minnesota has also offered to share their proclamation wording in Word format so it can be easily modified.

Teach Ag Day Ad
Looking to promote National Teach Ag Day? Check out this advertisement that you can use in your program, on social media, and however else you would like to promote National Teach Ag Day! Downloadable in .jpg format.


Click here to download the ad in a PDF document.


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Contact Us

We want to hear about what you're doing on Teach Ag Day. Drop us a line at Need help planning an event? Send an email to the same place, and we'll help any way we can.

Resources to Help You Plan Your Own Teach Ag Celebration

There are no limits to the ways you can do to bring attention to the great profession of agricultural education, especially on Teach Ag Day. Here are links to some resources we've created to make the job easier.

Things to Do

Teach Ag Activities, Lessons, & Games
Find resources for middle/high school, post-secondary level, adult farm-business management, university programs, state agricultural education leaders, and the general public. We also have a list of ways to use social media for Teach Ag Day. Also be sure to check out our section of games and other cool stuff.

Teach Ag Promotional Materials
Why re-create the wheel? We've got logos, posters, news release templates and more. Just modify these resources to meet your needs.

Teach Ag Day Collegiate Commercial Contest
Submit your unique and creative video and win!

Previous Teach Ag Day Celebrations

2016 National Teach Ag Day

The 2016 National Teach Ag Day live celebration was hosted by Growth Energy at one of its affiliate sites, POET LLC, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Thursday, September 22nd. Click here to read the press release.

The live webcast event included special appearances by leaders in agriculture and agricultural education, panels of current and future agriculture teachers, satellite location feeds across the country, and a future agriscience teacher symposium.

Live Webcast Archive: In case you missed our live webcast from POET in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, you can watch the archived webcast HERE.

Impact Data: Check out our full impact data HERE.

Biofuels 101: Also, we had an interactive learning session about biofuels before the Teach Ag Day webcast. This was a great, informative session with experts in the biofuels industry. You can watch the archived version of that HERE.

Check out our social media wall to see how people all over the U.S. celebrated in their own communities!

2015 National Teach Ag Day

The 2015 National Teach Ag Day live celebration was held in Washington, D.C. the week of September 21st, and culminated on Thursday, September 24th with the National Teach Ag Day live webcast!

Live Webcast Archive: Did you miss the webcast? Do you want to watch it again? Click here to watch!

Photos from the Event: Check out some great photos on Flickr of our Teach Ag Day celebration by clicking here.

Impact Data: Find out how many people were directly impacted by National Teach Ag Day. Click here for the infographic.

Collegiate Commericial Contest: Congratulations Texas A&M, the 2015 Collegiate Commercial Contest winner! Click here to view all 11 video submissions.

National Teach Ag Champions Announced: Dr. Steve Brown, National FFA Advisor, and Ms. P.J. Simon were recognized as the 2015 National Teach Ag Champions during the National Teach Ag Day live webcast. Click here to read the press release.

CHS Foundation Provides State Teach Ag Results (STAR) Program Grant Commitment
The CHS Foundation has made an additional $250,000 commitment to provide increased funding for the State Teach Ag Results (STAR) program, an initiative of the National Teach Ag Campaign. The CHS Foundation made their annoument on Thursday, September 24th, as a part of the National Teach Ag Day live webcast. Click here to view the press release.


2014 National Teach Ag Day

The National Teach Ag Day 2014 celebration was streamed live from the CHS Inc. headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., from 1-3 pm on September 25th.

We had interactive panels about what it's like to teach agriculture and how to become an agriculture teacher, and we recognized current and future agriculture teachers from across the nation.

Click here to watch the recorded live webcast.

On National Teach Ag Day, CHS Committed 1.5 million over the next three years to further agricultural education in the United States.

Download News Release

2014 Collegiate Contest Winner

Congratulations to the University of Idaho for being selected as the 2014 winner of the Teach Ag Day Collegiate Photo Contest!

2013 National Teach Ag Day

Check out these highlights from last year's National Teach Ag Day to get yourself geared up for another year and another awesome celebration!


Thank you to our sponsors who make the National Teach Ag Campaign possible.


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