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Agriculture teachers play a critical role in educating the next generation of leader and entrepreneurs about the agriculture industry, and incorporating agriculture cooperatives and the cooperative business model into your lesson plans allows students to think critically, understand democracy, and build community.


NAAE My Local Cooperative Instructional Modules
Engaging and inquiry based instructional materials that have everything you need to deliver quality instruction on the cooperative business model, the impact of cooperatives on the community and cooperative career opportunities. In early 2020 a third module will be available that provides a real-life mock cooperative experience for your students. The modules are yours to use and come with everything you need; materials list, teacher notes, handouts, presentation tools, assessments and more.

Module One Includes

  • Cooperative Structure
  • Guiding Principles
  • Benefits
  • Buying and Selling
Module Two Includes
  • Cooperatives in the community
  • Cooperative career opportunities
  • Business connections

Module Three (coming 2020)

  • Running a mock cooperative in your classroom

Cooperatives for a Better World
This interactive website explores the importance and values of cooperatives, and helps users understand how the cooperative business model is strengthening our local communities and building a better tomorrow.
Understanding Cooperatives: Who Runs the Cooperative Business? Board of Directors
The management of a cooperative is unlike other types of businesses. Rather than having an owner or CEO, cooperatives are led by an elected Board of Directors. This United States Department of Agriculture document explains the role a board of directors play in the success of a cooperative.

How to Start a Cooperative
Recently revised in 2015, this United States Department of Agriculture document the explains the values and principles of a cooperative, and explains in great detail the steps neccessary to starting a cooperative.

Co-ops 101 - An Introduction to Cooperatives
This 80-page document explains the history, principles, practice, and management of cooperatives. Published by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1997 and revised in 2016.

Democratic Governance: The Design of Governance Systems for Worker Cooperatives
This resource provides details about how small worker cooperatives and other employee-owned organizations govern themselves. Produced by the ICA Group.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Cooperatives
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Cooperatives includes resources and tools related to the basics of cooperatives, as well as research publications related to the cooperative business model.

Does your company or organization have cooperative education resources that would be value to school-based agriculture teachers? Send us an email and we'll get your resources in the hands of agriculture teachers and agricultural education supporters.

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My Local Cooperative is an initiative of the National Association of Agricultural Educators with funding support from the CHS Foundation as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.
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