State Agricultural Education Profiles

Agricultural education is an important component of public school instruction in the United States. Advocacy for agricultural education is essential to preserving its place in secondary and postsecondary education.

National Ag Ed Advocacy Profile
A national agricultural education advocacy profile is available for you to download and use to share detailed information about the profession. Download the national agricultural education profile

State Advocacy Profiles
Click on a specific state below to preview and/or download its ag ed profile. Each profile has been compiled from information submitted by state agricultural education staff. Please note that not all of the 50 states will have a profile available for review. Many are still under construction, however we will continue to add them as the information has been submitted.

If you would like to help us create an advocacy profile for your state, please contact Alissa Smith, NAAE Chief Executive Officer, at (859) 967-2894.

You can use these profiles to provide information to your local, state and national decision makers about secondary and post-secondary agricultural education in your state.

Local Program Profile
A one-pager is an eye-catching way to highlight the most important aspects of your agricultural education program and reinforce the message you deliver when you advocate in person.

Here are a couple of examples from Freedom High School in Wisconsin. These highlight the achievements and impact that the Freedom agricultural education program has on the school and community.

Local Program Spotlight One Pager - Format Guide

We currently have profiles for:


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