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President's Message

Goodbye: Our President Follows the Yellow Brick Road Into the Sunset

Travel with me on the yellow brick road to visit with some of the characters of the Wizard of Oz.  You and I will play the part of Dorothy.  As we venture out, we encounter several characters. 

First, the scarecrow, who is looking for a brain.  Each and every day as educators we face students who seek more knowledge.  Those scarecrows are the reason we do what we do and the reason we continue to strive to achieve excellence in our programs.  Read more»


NAAE Convention 2009

What You Need to Know Before You Go

The NAAE Convention is almost here, and before you grab your tickets and head out the door, here are some things you should know. Read more »

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Meet The Candidate

Region IV VP Greg Curlin Running for President Elect

Learn about Curlin's background and vision for NAAE if elected. Read more »

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FFA Convention Wrap-Up

With Teacher Recruitment as its central theme, NAAE successfully completed its biggest effort at the National FFA Convention to date. Read about NAAE's activities at the '09 FFA Convention»

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Communities of Practice Contest Results

More than 100 new members sign up in October

To encourage members to sign up for CoP, NAAE ran two contests in October -- one for the state with the most signups, and one for the individual with the most posts on CoP.

Congratulations to California - the state with the most new signups - and to Robin McLean, a middle school agriscience teacher in New Jersey, for having the most posts by any individual in the month of October.

If you still haven't checked out Communities of Practice - take a minute today to try it out! Visit CoP»

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National Teach Ag Day

New Website Open!

The new and imporoved Teach Ag website is now up. Find lesson ideas and other resources to help you celebrate National Teach Ag Day, join the National Teach Ag Campaign, search schools with a degree in agricultural education, and more, at

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Ideas Unlimited

Precision Agriculture on the Football Field

In Aaron Geiman’s Foundations of Technology class at North Carroll High School in Westminister, Md., students learn a  new way to tie in agriculture with mathematics, science, technology, and  communications, all focused around a sport with which they are very familiar.

Students spend about four class periods learning how to use GPS handheld receivers. After they know the basics, Geiman uses the school’s practice football field to conduct a precision agriculture simulation experiment. During the experiment, students lay down one square foot markers and count the weeds within the square plot. The data is then assembled into a class set and plotted on a map, with color coding for weed density, so students can identify the patterns in weed distribution. Using this information, students make decisions about where herbicides might be applied to the field, learn the theory of how to program a sprayer to deliver the herbicide precisely, and conduct a cost analysis of herbicide brands. Read more»

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News Briefs

Ag Ed News You Can Use

  • NAAE/FFA PALS Greenhouse Enhancement Grant Program
  • Special offer from National Science Teachers' Association
  • SPECA Grants - Request for Applications
  • Ag Teacher selected as Indiana's Teacher of the Year

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