September/October 2009 | back to school

President's Message


Sally Shomo

Sally Shomo
2008-09 NAAE President

Working Alongside Our Members to Make This the Best Year Yet

It’s the pre-week of school and I just returned from doing some school shopping at Staples.  I think everyone in Augusta County was shopping – getting ready for school, and the kids – so excited about returning to a new year of school.  What a great feeling when a student runs up to you sharing their excitement!  Kind of makes us excited too, doesn’t it?  With vacations over, teacher workdays beginning, and the first week of school just around the corner, all I can say is here we go again.

So how can we make this year different?  As in different, I mean - what did you learn this summer at a professional development workshop or conference that will make your classroom or FFA activities better?  How are you planning on making a difference for your students and your classroom?  If you do the same thing you’ve always done, you just get the same results you got last year.  Is that what you want, or can you do something a little better; can you offer more excitement and more opportunities?  Think about it!

NAAE is working to make this year better for our members by doing the things you’ve told us are important to you.  The work of the committees was discussed at this summer’s board meeting, and action was taken on many items.  Your voice is being heard – keep up the good work! 

Another way NAAE is growing is through its leadership of the National Teach Ag Campaign.  This campaign is part of the 10x15 Initiative of The National Council for Ag Education.  As the lead organization, NAAE will be heading up national efforts to recruit new ag teachers.  The campaign includes National Teach Ag Day, February 25th, finding and tracking students who are identified as future potential ag educators, finding ways to reach diverse audiences, and more.  Be sure to check out the article with the details in this edition of N&V.

Last but not least, NAAE is pushing itself to be better at communicating with its members and providing them the professional development opportunities they need and want.  We will be offering a new roster of webinars this fall, NAAE Convention is bigger than ever,  Communities of Practice is growing by leaps and bounds, you may have noticed that the newsletter has a new look (and delivery method), and NAAE is on Twiter and Facebook. 
The board and staff of NAAE will continue to challenge itself to make a difference, do things a little better and offer more excitement and opportunities, just as you are doing the same in your classrooms.

Good luck and my best to you for the 2009-2010 school year.  May it be your best year yet!