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Teacher Mentor

Jim Rose

Jim Rose

Jim Rose
Shields Valley High School
Clyde Park, MT
2008 Teacher Mentor
Region II


Throughout his 26 years of teaching agriculture at Shields Valley in Clyde Valley, Mt., Jim Rose has served as a mentor teacher for 21 student teacher interns.  He has also been a point of constant contact for many other agricultural education undergraduates, volunteering numerous hours answering questions about the profession over the phone. 

Rose prefers a mentoring fashion that allows his student teaching interns to experience a balanced program.  Beyond classroom instruction, he advises his mentees to take tours of students’ supervised agricultural experience programs and review student record books. Additionally, his student teachers coordinate Rose’s agricultural issues career development event team.

 “The student teacher selects the team, sets and conducts practices, and travels with the team,” said Rose.  “By doing this it seems that it immediately gives the student teacher a feeling of acceptance, responsibility and confidence, and allows them to interact with students toward achieving a common goal.”

 “He challenges his student teachers to grasp new concepts and content in his classes while giving them the encouragement and confidence they need to succeed,” said Dr. Martin Frick, Montana State University professional educator in agricultural education. “Over ten percent of all active agricultural educators in Montana have been supervised by Jim.”

Each of the six 2008 Teacher Mentor winners received a plaque, travel stipend, and registration to the annual NAAE conference in Charlotte.  CEV Multimedia sponsors the Teacher Mentor Award. CEV Multimedia For more information about the NAAE Teacher Mentor award and all NAAE awards programs, visit