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"NAAE - 50 Years Young and Growing"

Duane Fisher

"It is almost 11 months since I was installed as NAAE President in Las Vegas. Time sure flies when you are having fun and/or keeping busy. Let's take a look back at some of our victories from the 1997-1998 NAAE year : "

(1) Complete a successful celebration of our 50th anniversary! I believe we are getting ready for a great convention and 50th birthday celebration in New Orleans on December 8-12, 1998 at the Fairmont Hotel. Hope you can join us for all of the special activities. Everyone will enjoy the professionalism.

(2) Move into the new Ag Ed Headquarters! The physical move went very well the end of May. At times it has been frustrating with getting all the technology to work, but all systems seem to be going smoothly now. This is looking to be an excellent location for the Ag Ed Headquarters at the AVA office building.

(3) Consolidation of Ag Ed leadership with merger and reorganization of The National Council and AVA Ag Ed Division Policy Committee! This was a positive move for everyone to work closer together in Ag Ed. NAAE has excellent representation on the reorganized Council board of directors, including president, president-elect and past president. Leadership of all groups within the Ag Ed family are truly at the same table. The potential benefits for Ag Ed to improve programs and impact students in the future are tremendous.

(4) Grow our organization! We ended our last membership year up 4.5%. Thanks to everyone for your dedication and commitment to your profession. We are also striving to grow in services that are provided. The liability insurance is one example. When we grow in numbers of members, we can also grow our services to our members.

(5) New logo and name recognition! The comments have been very positive on the new logo that NAAE developed. Comments have also been favorable on the colors being used. We see the logo and colors as helping to portray NAAE as the professional choice for all agricultural educators.

(6) Become more pro-active in planning for the future! The board has the draft mission goals strategies to present to the delegates in New Orleans. These were developed with growth in mind. How do we truly grow our organization? Who should we represent? What is needed and expected from your professional organization? I look forward to some excellent discussion in New Orleans as we look to the future.

"Thank you for allowing this agricultural educator to be of service to our profession. I only hope that at the conclusion of my term that somehow, in someway, I have helped make a difference this year and for the future students in Ag Ed. Thanks for your dedication and caring."

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October/November 1998
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