March/April 2010 | Teacher ReTention

President's Message:
It's Our Job, NAAE's Job, to Make Sure Teachers Stay in the Agriculture Classroom

Ray Nash, 2009-2010 NAAE President

What keeps you returning year after year? 

Maybe you never give it a second thought.  Teaching agriculture is something that’s natural to you.  There comes a time for many, however, when you might wonder if you’re in the right place.  Read more»


Ag Teacher Retention

Why are We Losing Agriculture Teachers, and How Can
We Stop the Leak?

“I’ll never forget the day a senior stood up in the middle of class my first year and said, ‘I hate you Ms. Royer, and you’ve made me hate Ag.  I’m going to drop out because of you.’

For Bethany Royer, an agriculture teacher at Killingly High School in Conn., the first year of her agriculture teaching career was incredibly difficult. Read more »

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2010 NAAE Award Applications Available

Every agricultural educator deserves recognition for his or her efforts, so be sure to apply for an award this year or nominate another deserving educator or partner in your ag ed program.

The postmark deadline for submitting applications to the
NAAE office is May 15, but many states have their own rules
about qualifying for the national competition. Check with your
state agricultural educators’ association for details.

Please note that there have been some changes this year some awards, and some awards programs are pending sponsorship. All changes are detailed on the awards application page of the NAAE website.

Visit the awards application page for details and application procedures for every award. Go to applications»

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National Teach Ag Day Wrapup

Ag Teachers - The Best of the Best!
Ellen Thompson, National Teach Ag Campaign Coordinator

Ellen ThompsonAnyone who has said agricultural education is dying must certainly be changing their tune after what can only be called a hugely successful first National Teach Ag Day.  All across this country local programs, state associations, post-secondary schools and universities celebrated the profession of agricultural education.  Read More»

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NAAE Summer Regional Conferences

Make connections, develop as a professional and get involved at a higher level, all close to home

NAAE Regional Conferences are a great way to connect this summer with other agricultural educators from your area of the country and, in many cases, a way to get some good professional development at the same time. Click on your Region below for more information about its conference.

Not sure which Region you're in? Click here for a map.

Region I
April 21-24
Great Falls, MT

Region II
June 13-16
Stillwater, OK

Region III
June 22-24
North Mankato, MN

Region IV
June 22-24
Sydney, OH

Region V
June 21-23
Gulfport, MS

Region VI
July 6-9
Rockville, MD

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Ideas Unlimited

The George Washington Carver Milk Jug Hydroponics Challenge

Kathleen Weaver, an agriculture teacher at David Hinson Middle School in Daytona Beach, Fla. uses the George Washington Carver Milk Jug Hydroponics Challenge to teach her students about alternative plant propagation techniques in a way that allows them to be active, hands-on learners.

To begin the project students participate in an activity using description wheels to review germination and plant growth needs. Weaver challenges students by introducing inquiry based learning, a style of teaching where the students ask questions instead of listening to a traditional teacher led lecture. Read more»

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Washington Beat

As I write this piece, I have just learned that my United States Representative, Ben Chandler, has signed on as a co-sponsor of H.Res. 886, the National Teach Ag Day resolution, and H.R. 3464, the National FFA Commemorative Coin Act.  This is great news … and I am grateful to my Congressman for taking this action in support of our profession.

But, let me tell you the rest of the story! Read More»


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