May/June 2010 | Mentoring

President's Message:
Mentoring is Like Coaching Little League

Ray Nash, 2009-2010 NAAE President

Those of you who have read some of my contributions to News and Views over the years have seen me talk about one of my other passions; coaching my son’s coach-pitch baseball team.  It’s still spring training, and we have yet to discover our real potential, but who knows, maybe this is the year I get to write about a championship!

Researching for this issue’s topic “Mentoring,” I read several articles to try and gain some insight about the research and opinions of mentoring experts.  The more I read the more I was convinced that coaching my son’s team and mentoring have a great deal in common.  Read more»


Mentoring Makes The Difference

Laura Hasselquist’s first year as ag teacher at Chippewa Falls High School in Chippewa Wisc. wasn’t bad.  It was her second year that was rough.  “Every day it was this constant battle,” said Hasselquist. “I was just left with this really bad taste.  It was the end of the school year, and I’d had a really bad day.  I typed this letter of resignation.  But then I called Brenda.”

That’s where Hasselquist, or maybe the profession of agricultural education, lucked out. Through Wisconsin’s mentoring program for new ag teachers, she was paired with Brenda Scheil, an ag teacher at nearby New Auburn High School. Read more »

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2010 NAAE Convention

You’ll hit the professional development jackpot if you attend the 2010 NAAE Convention, November 30-December 4th in Las Vegas.  The NAAE Convention is quickly becoming widely recognized as THE place to get agricultural education-specific professional development.  Last year’s convention offered just over 100 workshops offerings, and this year promises to be the same, if not better.  Read more»

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NAAE Communities of Practice

If you still haven't discovered NAAE's Communities of Practice, spend five minutes RIGHT NOW and take a look. It's a professional networking site just for ag teachers. CoP's more than 1500 members (all of whom are agricultural educators) are continually posting ideas, lesson plans, and discussing things of interest and import. It's by ag teachers, for ag teachers, and it's FREE.

It's like having 1500 ag teacher buddies next door who will let you steal their best ideas and ask all the questions you want. Check it out!

Volunteers needed

Do you use and love CoP? We need volunteers to give presentations or workshops about Communities of Practice at their summer meetings. Whether it's your state ag teacher's meeting or another professional get-together, we need help spreading the word. We'll provide materials, you provide the manpower. Interested? email Julie Fritsch, NAAE Communications/Marketing Coordinator.

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Ideas Unlimited

Feeding & Nutrition Trials Using Chickens

Janna Volkers, agriculture teacher at Columbia High School in Nampa, Idaho, has been teaching animal nutrition for years. She always struggled to keep students excited about the subject until she came up with a lab called “Feeding and Nutrition Trials Using Chickens.”

Before she starting the lab, Volkers’ class discussed advancements in feeds and feeding of animals over the years. They reviewed statistics that covered the time it takes to feed meat animals like steers, lambs and chickens from birth to butcher. Next, the class discussed the specific nutritional needs of chickens. Read more»

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NAAE Summer Regional Conferences

Make connections, develop as a professional and get involved at a higher level, all close to home

NAAE Regional Conferences are a great way to connect this summer with other agricultural educators from your area of the country and, in many cases, a way to get some good professional development at the same time. Click on your Region below for more information about its conference.

Not sure which Region you're in? Click here for a map.

Region II
June 13-16
Stillwater, OK


Region III
June 22-24
North Mankato, MN

Region IV
June 22-24
Sydney, OH

Region V
June 21-23
Gulfport, MS

Region VI
July 6-9
Rockville, MD

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