May/June 2011 | Agriculture Teacher Retention

President's Message


Greg Curlin

Greg Curlin
2010-11 NAAE President

Mentoring is an Ongoing Process


Mentor is a word we live every day, often not realizing we are either being mentored or we are mentoring others. We mentor our children daily as we teach them to write read, count, and even tie their shoes.  In our profession, we have learned from other teachers and professionals as we ourselves become veteran teachers.  I even consider agricultural educators as mentors to state and federal leaders. They are making decisions about the funding and structure of agricultural education, and we should be there to guide them. 

Mentoring is a process that is vital, whether it's assisting our peers in the trenches of the classroom or sharing the values and strengths of agricultural education with legislators and post secondary partners as we prepare student for careers in business and industry.

I want to challenge each NAAE member to seek out another member this summer as well as the next school year to mentor.  Accept the challenge to take the story of our profession to state and federal leaders. We need to work together on all levels of education - local, district, state and federal to develop the contest standards in order to prepare students for a career. We need to mentor daily and keep everyone up to date with events and issues.  It will make all of us stronger. Invite both fellow educators and legislative leaders to your classroom. An unknown source once said: Watching/helping others allows me to see where I have been. It helps me to reflect on my past to better design my future."

I hope everyone has a quality summer, as many workshops and conferences are scheduled at the state and regional levels.  Visit to view the possibilities.