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 Volume XL No. 2  

 November 1997


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 Toward One Clear Voice

(MeeCee Baker, 1996-97 NVATA President)

During the past year, agricultural education has made remarkable progress in establishing one clear, concise voice. Two landmark decisions aided this development. Beginning in late spring of 1998, a new Agricultural Education Headquarters, in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, will house The National Council for Agricultural Education and NVATA personnel and the USDE staff with ag ed responsibilities. In addition, replication of profession leadership will be reduced with the recent unification of The Council and the AVA Ag Ed Division Policy Committee, which consists of the division president and secretary, and the past presidents, presidents and president-elects of the NVATA (teachers), AAAE (teacher educators) and the NASAE (state staff). (These two decisions were highlighted in the September 1997 issue of NVATA News & Views.) Both of these commitments call on all ag ed leaders to lay personal interests aside for the betterment of the whole.

While these two steps continue to move ag ed toward a greater solidarity, a third action would strengthen and unite the profession even further. Establishing a closer working relationship among NVATA, AAAE and NASAE would facilitate more efficient and effective programming and leadership. While each group caters to different clientele and has unique missions, efforts are often duplicated and issues that concern the entire profession are often only addressed within each organization and not among the organizations. Marshall Stewart, the AVA Ag Ed Division President, has committed to continuing this discussion at our convention in Las Vegas. Plan to participate with open minds and consensual attitudes so agricultural education's voice resonates loudly and clearly.


  Mike Cox, NVATA Region VI Vice President, entertains at the 1996 NVATA Convention Gala Dinner.

 1997 NVATA Convention

December 9-13; Las Vegas