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Volume XL No. 4 May 1998


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Agricultural Education National
Headquarters (Team Ag Ed)
Established at AVA

May 26, 1998 will be a special day for school-based agricultural education's present and future. This will be the first day of operations in the newly formed Agricultural Education National Headquarters. The headquarters will be composed of the National Council for Agricultural Education, the National Association of Agricultural Educators, and the headquarters operations for the National FFA Organization.

The purpose of the national headquarters is to provide coordinated staff effort for accomplishing the Agricultural Education mission by implementing policies and programs approved by the National Council for Agricultural Education. A major goal of the headquarters staff (Team Ag Ed) is to promote teacher and student success through three functions.

  1. Development­program development and renewal, instructional materials development, professional development for teachers and state leadership development.

  2. Advocacy­recommend and promote appropriate federal legislative policy and communications.

  3. Coordination/Implementation­organize and coordinate human/fiscal resources to conduct high quality programs and activities and promote joint meetings and activities of agricultural education organization boards.

The mailing address for the headquarters is: Agricultural Education National Headquarters, 1410 King Street, Suite 400, Alexandria, Virginia 22314. You may reach the headquarters by calling toll-free (800) 772-0939.

The mission of Agricultural Education is to prepare and support individuals for careers in agriculutre and to build awareness of and develop leadership for the food, fiber, and natural resource systems.

Pictured at the new Agricultural Education National Headquarters located at AVA in Alexandria, Virginia are (left to right): Rosco Vaughn, Executive Director of The Council; Jay Jackman, Executive Director of NAAE; Bret Lovejoy, Executive Director of AVA; and Marshall Stewart, AVA Ag Ed Division Vice President.


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