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Volume XLII No. 1 August/September 1999


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NAAE: "Creating and Ensuring the Future of Agricultural Education"

(Thomas A. Kremer, 1998-99 NAAE President)

What lies ahead for agricultural education and teachers of agriculture? As I prepare for another year of teaching and reflect back on what has been a very busy and rewarding year for me, one concern constantly resurfaces: "What does the future really hold for agricultural education?"

Many visionaries in the profession have spent countless hours the past couple of years developing a futuristic plan for the profession. But, have we honestly assessed the current status and the future of our very existence in the overall educational scheme entering the 21st Century? Are we to remain a viable educational entity?

This past year the NAAE board of directors has been addressing key issues and making important decisions that I believe will set the course for the years ahead. These issues include a new organizational design, Center for Excellence for agricultural education, the future of the NAAE/ACTE convention, and related issues such as the regional alignment of all agricultural education organizations. I believe all of these issues are interrelated and each decision made will impact the others. To gaze even further into our future demands an introspective look into the past and a courageous evaluation of our mission and goals.

Young teachers from coast to coast are looking to their leaders to design and ensure a viable future for them. The hunger for agricultural education is apparent with ever growing enrollments, but I question whether there will be adequate numbers of dedicated teachers to meet our growing needs. Securing, preparing, and retaining caring teachers is the number one goal throughout the profession. But, we have young practicing teachers in the field asking the question, "Is there a future for us?" Those of us in leadership roles in agricultural education must respond to these concerns. We must be willing to make the tough decisions looking to the future totally committed to ensuring a viable, creditable existence for agricultural education. If the young teachers of today and tomorrow are to realize the success and satisfaction that I know is attainable in this profession, we must provide the correct answers concerning leadership, advocacy, fiscal responsibility, and integrity. Only then will we have "Created and Ensured the Future of Agricultural Education."

1999 NAAE Convention

December 10-14

Orlando, Florida
Caribe Royale Resort Suites


August/September 1998
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