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News & Views

July/August 2009 | Advocacy

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President's Message

Sally ShomoAre We Teaching Advocacy?

I was teaching a unit on animal rights and animal welfare at the end of the school year.  To properly explain the differences, I felt it was important to define the words – advocate and activist. According to Mr. Webster, the definition of an advocate is to speak in favor.  An activist (or activism) is a practice or theory based on militant action.   When asking for examples of each, one of my students said– Mrs. Shomo – you are definitely an ‘advocate for agriculture’ because that’s all you talk about.  Read more »


Ag Ed Advocacy at Work

Montana Association uses grassroots advocacy to get funding for new program creation and NQPS funding

MtWhen the legislative committee of the Montana Association of Agricultural Educators (MAAE) began planning their first legislative breakfast, they had no way of knowing what great things their work would produce in such a short time.

"Initially I set a goal to have a legislative breakfast to get the teachers to start building relationships with their legislators,” said Kevin Fochs, who co-chairs the MAAE legislative committee.  As plans progressed, Fochs began to realize that the breakfast could also be a good opportunity to push legislation that would be beneficial to agricultural education in Montana.  “We have a pretty good senator who just got elected,” said Fochs.  He was talking about Senator Taylor Brown, who ended up helping MAAE get the bill passed.  “He is a big supporter of ag ed, and being a freshman senator, he was gung-ho about working with us on some legislation. Read more »

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Washington Beat

by Jay Jackman, NAAE Executive Director

capitalBe an Advocate for Agricultural Education

As this issue of NAAE News & Views is focused on advocacy, let’s think about what we mean by that term. When many people think of advocacy, they automatically think of “lobbying.” But advocacy is much more than lobbying decision makers.

The National Council for Agricultural Education’s 10x15 Advocacy Task Force has defined advocacy for school-based agricultural education as follows:

“Advocacy for agricultural education builds support for the agricultural education program on local, state and national levels.  Building support for agricultural education involves Read more »

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Outstanding Teacher

Bonnie KeglerBonnie Kegler

Throughout her fourteen years of teaching at the Killingly Regional Agricultural Education Center, Bonnie Kegler has lived by the philosophy that if you set high expectations and believe your students will succeed, they will. 

“You must deliver your lessons in a manner that you find exciting and your enthusiasm will be contagious,” said Kegler.  She has continuously worked at improving her animal science curriculum to make it more relevant to her students’ lives. Read more »

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Ideas Unlimited

Lori AlbrittonBread Marketing Activity Takes Lesson from Oven to Consumer

According to Lori Albritton, agricultural educator at Fort King Middle School in Ocala, Fla., most of her students are removed from the farm by at least four generations. That means the role of agricultural education in her classroom has changed from developing future farmers to creating educated consumers. To this end, she has incorporated lessons that are innovative and fun for the students while teaching them about their food. Her award-winning idea is entitled “Marketing Your Bread,” and takes students from start to finish in the process of creating, packaging and marketing a food product. Read more »

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