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Dr. Gaea Hock
Editor, The Agricultural Education Magazine
Associate Professor
Communications and Agricultural Education
Kansas State University
315 Umberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
(785) 532-1166

Dr. Wm. Jay Jackman, CAE
Business Manager, The Agricultural Education Magazine
Chief Financial Officer, National Association of Agricultural Educators
One Paragon Centre
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The Agricultural Education Magazine

The Agricultural Education Magazine is a professional journal for agricultural education published under the sponsorship and control of an editing-managing board of professional educators in the field.

Major aims of the publication are to unify the forces of agricultural education in the country; to serve as a means of exchanging professional news and views; to be a sounding board for new ideas; and to be a source of reviews of publications and research in the field.

The publication serves teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, teacher educators, supervisors, administrators, and others interested in agricultural education.

NAAE provides business management for the magazine; however, The Agricultural Education Magazine is an independent business entity, incorporated in Wisconsin. Management oversight for the magazine is provided by the Editing/Managing Board.

Beginning with Volume 93, Issue 1, (July/August 2020), The Agricultural Education Magazine will be available in electronic format only, free to all, accessed through the website of the National Association of Agricultural Educators. All available back issues of the magazine are archived at this website, also free to all.

Current Issue of The Agricultural Education Magazine

Thank you to Gothic Arch Greenhouses and The National FFA Organization for sponsoring The Agricultural Education Magazine.

Archived Issues of The Agricultural Education Magazine

Editorial Management

The editor of each volume of The Agricultural Education Magazine establishes the theme. Each issue lists the themes for future issues. For more information, contact Dr. Gaea Hock, editor.


In general, articles should contribute to the improvement of the organization, conduct, or evaluation of programs in agricultural education. Articles based on research or debating current issues in agricultural education will be particularly welcome.

If a sufficient supply of original copy is on hand, articles already published elsewhere will not be reprinted in the magazine. The editor may make exceptions for articles which he or she considers to be particularly significant and which are published in sources not generally available to persons in the agricultural education profession.

Selection of articles for inclusion in any particular issue is left entirely to the discretion of the editor and he or she is responsible for acknowledgment of articles and for final acceptance or rejection of articles for publication.

The editor may solicit articles from persons outside the profession as well as from persons in the profession. Preference in both solicitation and publication will be given members of the agricultural education profession. Solicitation of articles will, for the most part, be handled through the staff of special editors. The source of articles for the editorial page is left to the discretion of the editor.

Special features, such as Book Reviews, News and Views of the Profession, Professional and Teaching Aids, Stories in Pictures, and Tips that Work, will be included to the extent that copy is available. Other special features are left to the discretion of the editor.

Each author of an article accepted for publication will receive one complimentary copy of the issue in which the article is published.

Authors of articles printed in The Magazine will be required to sign an "Author Release" form and submit the completed form to the editor.

Articles may be e-mailed to Dr. Gaea Hock, Editor, The Agricultural Education Magazine.

Back Issues

Back issues, if available, will be $5 per domestic (US) request and $10 per international request each to cover cost of printing, handling, and mailing. Feel free to download any back issues at no cost to you.

Reprint Permission

Requests to copy articles printed in the magazine for educational purposes may be approved and signed by the editor or the business manager.


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