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Opportunities for Current Agriscience Teacher Ambassadors

The National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy (NATAA) has over 15 years of successfully cultivating agriscience and inquiry-based learning in agricultural education. The Academy serves to train agriculture teachers on how to enhance the science that is already present in agriculture, as well as develop students as problem solvers and thinkers through the inquiry-based teaching method.

Applying to attend the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy is a commitment to promote agriscience and inquiry based learning to other teachers in your state, region and across the nation. Each summer, specially selected teachers spend a week participating in an interactive, hands-on application based science training program. The training will include agriculture related labs with a high amount of science content using the "inquiry-based" approach to student learning of agriscience.

Applications for the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy open in February each year.

Goals for the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy include:

  • Provide teachers with educational resources and inquiry-based teaching skills to implement science-based activities in the classroom for environmental science, food science, sustainability and ag biological sciences.
  • Share lesson plans, laboratory exercises and teaching strategies in order to improve the resources available to teaching agriscience.
  • Train and influence the next generation and future employees who will advance agricultural sciences to the next level.

Following their training, the Academy's participants, National Agriscience Teacher Ambassadors, facilitate workshops at the National FFA Convention and NAAE Convention, helping other agriscience teachers learn how to teach more effectively. Ambassadors also conduct workshops at their local, state, and regional conferences.

If you have questions about NATAA, contact Alissa Smith at (859) 967-2894 or (800) 509-0204 or Alissa Smith, NAAE Chief Executive Officer.

Over 400 teachers from 49 states have been a part of the Academy since its inception in 2003. Click on your state to find ambassadors.

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Corteva Agriscience™ puts science to work as a proud sponsor of the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy (NATAA), a special project of the National FFA Foundation.

LAB-AIDS Inc. is a valuable partner providing curriculum, materials and training support.

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Would you like to provide inquiry-based workshops at your next state or regional conference? Contact Alissa Smith Alissa Smith, NAAE Chief Executive Officer; (859) 967-2894 or (800) 509-0204.