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NAAE's Connect Podcast
Connect is a podcast by the National Association of Agricultural Educators, and works to educate listeners about NAAE resources, inform them of new and innovative practices, and connect current and future agricultural educators and supporters. Learn more.

Ag Ed Magazine
The Agricultural Education Magazine is a professional journal for agricultural education published under the sponsorship and control of an editing-managing board of professional educators in the field. Learn more

News & Views
The monthly electronic newsletter of NAAE, full of great stuff. Learn more

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Best Practices
The monthly electronic newsletter of NAAE and Teach Ag, full of great stuff for teacher recruitment and retention practices. Learn more

Monday Morning Monitor
A weekly e-newsletter from The National Council for Agricultural Education. Delivered every Monday Morning to U.S. Ag Ed Listserv members, AAAE listserv members and NAAE members.

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Published eight times a year, this award-winning magazine is delivered to ACTE members. ACTE members can also read back issues of Techniques online.

U.S. Ag Ed Listserv
NAAE in cooperation with Purdue University has developed an email listserv for use by agriculture teachers, agricultural education state staff, teacher educators, and others interested in agricultural education. The listserv allows someone to send one message to the listserv and have that message forwarded on to all subscribers to the list. Learn more.

Communities of Practice
Communities of Practice has more than 3,600 registered users, all of whom have a professional interest in agricultural education. Most are either current agriculture teachers or agricultural education majors who are preparing for careers as agriculture teachers.

Members post, share and comment about a wide variety of agricultural education topics, creating a vibrant, active space that is continually evolving. The site is organized around topic-based communities, which helps members find and share information. Go to Communities of Practice.

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