Retaining quality experienced teachers is important to the future of agricultural education. In 2013, NAAE developed XLR8 — the eXcellence in Leadership for Retention professional development program — to meet the needs of mid-career agriculture teachers.

XLR8 is a year-long professional development program that targets agriculture teachers in their 7th-15th year of teaching.

The overall goals of this program include:

  • develop experienced teacher leaders who will mentor other teachers in the profession;
  • provide mid-career level specific professional development to participants;
  • as well as increase overall longevity and satisfaction of participants with their chosen career of teaching agriculture.  

The XLR8 program includes participation in an intensive professional development experience (multiple sessions) during the NAAE convention, recurring virtual learning experiences, and online collaboration using the NAAE professional learning community, Communities of Practice, as well as other social media tools.

Are you Eligible?

All active NAAE members who are currently in their 7th to 15th year of teaching are eligible to apply. Each applicant must have been a NAAE member the three previous years while teaching agriculture. Participants must also be active members and working in school-based agricultural education during NAAE membership the year when they apply. Current members of the NAAE board of directors and previous participants are not eligible to apply.

If selected, program participants must agree to attend the entire NAAE convention as well as additional professional development activities throughout the year.

Applications for the 2023 XLR8 professional development program are due Friday, September 1, 2023. Apply with this link.


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