Lifetime Achievement Awards

NAAE awards Lifetime Achievement Award to individuals who have contributed to the advancement of agricultural education on a regional or national level. Each recipient received a plaque and a cash award to attend the annual conference in Las Vegas.

Region I
Frederick Glenn Faulks
Parma High School (Retired)
Parma, Idaho
Region IV
William Schreck
State Director of Agricultural Education
Springfield, Illinois
Region II
Verlin Hart
Retired Agricultural Education Supervisor
Agra, Oklahoma

Region V
Fred Dietrich III
Retired Agricultural Educator
Orlando, Florida
Region III
Glenn Linder
Pecatonica High School (Retired)
Blanchardville, Wisconsin
Region VI
Roland Duperron
Northern Potter High School (Retired)
Ulysses, Pennsylvania

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Region 1
Frederick Faulks has dedicated his career to the advancement of agricultural education both in the state of Idaho and nationally. In 1961 Faulk began teaching at Parma High School and continued at this same school for 35 years, retiring in 1996. One of the highlights of some FFA member's experiences is participating in the Washington Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. Faulks provided this opportunity to his students sending over 20 students to this conference. During his time at Parma High School he instructed several adult welding classes to individuals in the community.

Besides dedicating time to his profession, he also participates in many professional development activities. Faulks has served the Western Idaho District as an advisor for five terms. For 35 years he has been a member of the NAAE, Idaho Association of Agriculture Educators, and American Vocational Association. Frederick Faulks has received many awards, one of which is the "Inspirational Teacher of the Year" from Norco.

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Region 2
Verlin Hart has dedicated 34 years to agricultural education students and educators in Oklahoma. He has served as the district supervisor in the Central District, the executive director of the Young Farmer Organization and the coordinator for the Agricultural Business Management instructors. His role in the local and state communities is immense. Though most of these positions were held while he was working, after retirement he continues to support and devote time to agricultural education. He currently judges various district and state curriculum development events and helps to coordinate the National Land and Range Judging Contest.

Dean McKee, President of the Oklahoma Agricultural Education Teachers Association, states, "Verlin Hart is a man of high integrity, who is truly respected by his peers and serves as a role model for all whom he comes in contact. He has had a lifetime commitment and dedication to agricultural education in Oklahoma."

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Region 3
Glenn Linder has served as a mentor, supporter, and aid to the agricultural education profession. Besides his teaching duties, Linder dedicated time to help younger teachers and peers. He provided learning, a working environment, and guidance for eight student teachers from the University of Wisconsin (UW) - Madison, UW - Platteville, and UW - River Falls. Linder is also a community supporter. He supplied facilities and worked with county Agricultural Instructors in training programs in Tractor Safety, Soil Judging, Fitting Livestock, and Hunter Safety for students in the county and adjoining counties.

When it comes to student achievement and success, Linder is a great sponsor. For ten years he has been the Co-Supervisor of the UW - Platteville qualifying dairy judging contest for State Dairy Career Development Event, as well as assisted and supervised the Plant and Seed Identification Contest at district events. It is obvious that Linder is greatly treasured and needed for the advancement of agricultural education in the state of Wisconsin.

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Region 4
William Schreck started his career as an agricultural educator at a young age in Monmouth, Illinois. It was only after 12 years of teaching that he was appointed State Director of Agricultural Education and at that time he was the youngest person appointed to this position in the United States. During his time as State Director he went in head first trying to enhance and increase agricultural education. Schreck increased his staff from three individuals to thirteen, all of whom has statewide responsibilities for the Illinois innovative agricultural education model for state organization and structure. This model, which was Schreck's idea, was adopted by many states around the nation. Illinois' enrollment in all education programs in and about agriculture drastically increased from 12,000 to 25,000 while Scheck held office.

Additionally, William Schreck has expanded the nontraditional programs in Illinois, his most successful being Chicago High School for Agricultural Science. This school is the largest program in the state and has become the "model on innovation" in the nation. While working on ways to identify science activities in agriculture, Schreck coined the term "agriscience-fair." All of these successes are undoubtedly due to Schreck's love and passion for agriculture and the state of Illinois sure reaped the benefits.

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Region 5
Fred Dietrich is a shining product of agricultural education programs and the FFA. He wentinto teaching and stayed in that profession for 30 years. While teaching he incorporated the three components of agricultural education, leadership, classroom instruction, and hands on activities, which all lead to great successes. He coached a national FFA officer, 15 American FFA Degrees, and 214 State FFA Degrees. On top of that he won the subdistrict FFA Parliamentary Procedure contest 28 times and the district FFA Parliamentary Contest 16 times. These achievements are not only because Dietrich motivates his students, but also because he believes in his students.

Dietrich's agricultural education program became a county-wide veterinary science magnet program which attracted students from 12 different high schools. Furthermore, Dietrich has sponsored the State FFA Livestock judging awards for more than 25 years. All of these efforts have helped the Florida agriculture education programs become stronger and grow popularity with its community.

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Region 6
Roland Duperron lived and breathed his agricultural education program. He went out with the goal of success and came back with just that. His agricultural education program consisted of dairy, farm mechanics, and horticulture classes, along with many FFA opportunities. Duperron was the advisor of the Headwaters FFA Chapter and was in annual attendance to the FFA National Convention, where his FFA Chapter won many gold, silver, and bronze medals.

To make his program hands-on and real life he worked in conjunction with the Forestry Industry to produce a forestry program that prepared students for immediate entry into the field. He also implemented a 25-acre outdoor lab for life-like projects, experiments, and instructions. Due to his desire to be above and beyond the expected, Duperron received the "Sound off for Agriculture Award" in 1995 from NAAE and was the "Teacher of Teachers" from NAAE.

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