Lifetime Achievement Awards

NAAE awards Lifetime Achievement Award to individuals who have contributed to the advancement of agricultural education on a regional or national level. Each recipient received a plaque and a cash award to attend the annual conference in Kansas City. The National Pork Board sponsors this award.

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Region I
Roy Hallstrom
Highland High School (Retired)

Cowiche, Wisconsin

In 1943, Roy Hallstrom began his legacy in the profession of agricultural education. At Highland High School, he used agriculture to teach his students about botany, chemistry, anatomy, biology, physics and economics from 1948 until his retirement in 1974. Mr. Mallstrom's influence was also extended to 18 student teachers he supervised for Washington State Unversity.

Roy Hallstrom modeled professionalism throughout his teaching career and has continued to be involved in the schools, his church and community. Upon his retirement, he continued to assit Washington State University with the Agricultural Education Student Teacher Program.

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Region II
Robert Frazier
Caldwell High School (Retired)
Columbia, Louisiana

Frazier retired after serving 38 years as the agricultural educator at Caldwell High School. During his tenure as a teacher, he established an aquaculture and science lab for his agiculture students, supported over 100 Career Development Teams, which participated at the state level and served as President of LVATA and the Louisiana Vocational Association.

Today, Frazier's leadership remains evident in the community and in agricultural education by serving as a state agricultural education program coordinator on the town council and is also a member fo the Caldwell Parish Bureau Board.

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Region III
Merle Richter
Bloomer High School
Bloomer, Wisconsin

Richter began hs career in agricultural education at Bloomer High School in 1972. AS one of only eight instructors in the history of the program, Richter has maintained a high level of excellence to which the program, established in 1929, has become accustomed to. Traditional agriculture courses have been adapted to include new technologies and innovate courses in creative areas like biotechnology, embryo transfer and plant culturing have been implemented in the program.

"Agriculture, agricultural education and the FFA have been the love of my life," expressed Richter. This love for agricultural education can be seen by the successes of Richter's students and theFFA program at Bloomer.

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Region IV
Dale Butcher
Benton Central (Retired)
West Lafayette, Indiana

In 2002, Butcher retired as the agricultural educator and FFA advisorfor Benton Central. For over 30 years, Butcher devoted his life to making a positive difference in the lives of his students, as well as those in the community and vocational education profession. During his tenure as an agricultural educator, he assisted 41 student teachers and 151 early teaching experience students advancing their skills in the classroom and develop positive relations.
Butcher has continued serving his community and profession since his retirement through several avenues. He visualized, intiated and implemented the Indiana Lesson Plan Library to assit teachers in the classroom.

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Region V
Billy Vestal
Tennessee FFA Foundation

Parsons, Tennessee

The majority of Vestal's career involved teaching students the value and applications of agriculture. His contributions to agricultural edcuation in Tennessee include writing the agriscience curriculum allowing students to receive a high school credit in science, initiating the FFA quiz bowl, developing the guidelines fro the regional FFA officers and writing the rules for the FFA Ceremony Career Development Event.

Since 1994, Vestal's influence in agricultural education has expanded beyond the classroom. He has served as a vocational consultant for the State Department of edcuation, Executive Director of the Tennessee FFA Foundation and is currently a part-time farmer.

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Region VI
Doyle Paul
Berlin Brothersvalley School District
Berlin, Pennsylvania

Paul dedicated 36 years to the agricultural education profession. One of the greatest contributions Paul has made is sharing his knowledge with others. As a cooperating teacher, Paul mentored 27 student teachers and under his leadership, 470 FFA members received their State FFA Degree and 29 obtained their American FFA Degree.

Since his retirement from the Berlin Brothersvalley School District, Paul has remained the Young Farmer Advisor, visits and evaluates agricultural education student teachers and provides professional services to first, secon and third year agricultural teachers in western Pennsylvania.

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