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"Teacher mentors are willing and able to give of themselves to assist other teachers," said NAAE President Roger Teeple. "They realize that the future is in our young teachers and help prepare them to be leaders and become successful in years to come in the classroom and the community." a The NAAE Teacher Mentor Award recognizes those educators that lend a hand to others in their profession. CEV Multimedia sponsors this award.

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Region I
JoAnna Kotar
Hysham High School
Hysham, Montana

"I want every teacher that has the desire to teach to know that there are resources out there that can be found through networking," stated Kotar. Over the past 17 years Kotar has been apart of agricultural education. As a teacher Kotar has been an outstanding example not only to her students, but has also had a life-long impact on young teachers and students teachers entering the agricultural education profession. Her former student Ramey Lunceford, who she now mentors as a fellow teacher, nominated Kotar for this award.

As a mentor, Kotar has had many late night calls of panic from young agriculture teachers. Kotar simply helps and encourages them, in order to help them retain the passion of teaching. In addition Kotar stay very active in professional agricultural associations, which she continuously encourages her felloe agriculture teachers to become involved in to build rapport with the community and to develop their professional skills.

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Region II
Hals Beard
Lebeau High School
Washingnton, Louisiana

"Like a truly gifted mentor, Hals has always showed a distinct insight, understanding, and wealth of knowledge for every situation presented to him," declared John Underwood, a Science instructor at North Central High School. For the past 22 years, Beard has served as a model educator and an inspiration for many teachers and students.

Beard is currently a mentor for Richi Badeaux, an agriscience instructor for Port Barre High School. Beard has served as mentor to 11 new teachers during the past 5 years due to his training with the Louisiana Teacher Assistance/Assessment Program. "I have learned probably as much from those that I mentored as they learned from me," expressed Beard. He shares his classroom, laboratory, community and FFA experiences through joint observations and collaborative teaching.

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Region III
Mark Ketelhut
Miller High School
Miller, South Dakota

Over the past 18 years, Ketelhut has developed an outstanding agricultural education program at Miller High School. He works at reaching all students using a wide range of teaching styles, community service projects, and hands-on activities. Ketelhut's students quickly realize that it is not important if they win or lose, but it is important if they are learning, growing, and developing the necessary skills to become future leaders.

Due to Ketelhut's guidance and dedication, many students and teachers across South Dakota have benefited from his knowledge and encouragement. "He leads with wit, thoughtfulness, experience, constructive feedback, and most importantly by example," expressed Gerri Ann Eide, South Dakota FFA Executive Secretary. Many of his students have continued in agricultural education, becoming FFA advisors and agriculture teachers as well.

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Region IV
Gary Geswein
Lanesville High School
Palmyra, Indiana

For over 35 years Gary Geswein has been apart of agricultural education. As a teacher Geswein has been an outstanding example not only to his students, but has also had a life-long impact on young teachers and students teachers entering the Agricultural Education profession. Most recently Geswein served a mentor teacher for his former student, Archie Sauerheber, the agricultural education instructor for North Harrison High School, where Geswein had taught at previously for 18 years. Sauerheber nominated Mr. Geswein for the Teacher Mentor Award.

Geswein has been a mentor on many levels. Geswein assisted in starting a state wide mentoring program with the State Department of Education and Purdue University, which he was selected to be coordinator of. In addition, Geswein serves as a part-time University Supervisor for student teachers at Purdue University.

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Region V
Richard Ross
Dyer County High School
Beaufort, North Carolina

For over 27 years Richard Ross has been apart of agricultural education. As a teacher Ross has been an outstanding example not only to his students, but has also had a life-long impact on young teachers and students teachers entering the agricultural education profession.

For the past 18 years Ross has served as a mentor to his fellow agricultural teacher, Dan Smith, his co-teacher at Dyer County High School. Dan Smith is the person who nominated Ross for this award.

Smith expressed that Ross, "Took this inexperienced teacher under his supervision and together, began a new era in the agriculture/FFA program at Dyer County High School." Ross has hosted and mentored nearly one dozen student teachers during his tenure at Dyer County. Ross's leadership continues to inspire life-long learning in his students and young teachers.

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Region VI
James Craddock
Chatham High School
Chatham, Virginia

For the past 28 years, Cyndee Roszel has been a model agriculture teacher and a mentor to aspiring student teachers and novice teachers as well. Currently, Roszel is serving as a mentor to Allentown High School's second agriculture teacher, Erin Zukus. Zukus nominated Roszel for this award.

Zukus expressed, "Cyndee has shared many of her teaching experiences with me throughout the past few months." Zukus said that in order to increase her personal growth Roszel, "Encouraged me to attend professional development conferences and workshops." Thorough guidance and cooperation, Roszel has been able to prepare younger teachers for the road that lies ahead. By keeping an open mind not only has Roszel been able to easily relate to other teachers problems, but also has learned from their new ideas and methods and has adapted them as her own.

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