NAAE Leadership & Volunteer Opportunities

NAAE prides itself on being a grassroots organization, which means it couldn't function without input and leadership from our members. There are many ways to become more involved in NAAE. Below are several opportunities with a brief overview of the commitment and types of skills involved.

NAAE Board of Directors and Regional Secretaries

View current NAAE Board of Directors and Regional Secretaries

NAAE is governed by a board of directors elected by the NAAE membership. The board of directors consists of a president, president elect, and six vice presidents — one for each of NAAE's six regions. The six regional secretaries and the past president are important contributors to the NAAE leadership, but they are not members of the NAAE board of directors.

Position Term Appointment
President 1 year Elected by state delegates at NAAE convention
President-elect 1 year Elected by state delegates at NAAE convention
Regional Vice-President 3 years Elected by state delegates during regional meetings at NAAE convention
Regional Secretary 1 year Elected by state delegates during regional meetings at NAAE convention

For details about eligibility, time commitment and duties of president, president-elect, regional vice-president and regional secretaries, see the NAAE Leadership Handbook and the NAAE bylaws, Article 4.

NAAE Committees

NAAE members can run for 3-year terms on each of NAAE's seven standing committees. Committees meet virtually and in person, so there is the opportunity to contribute even if your ability to travel is limited. Learn more

Special Appointments

NAAE maintains positions on a number of agricultural education boards and committees. NAAE members are appointed to fill these positions by the NAAE board.

NAAE members who are interested in representing the association need to express their interest in serving as a NAAE representative to a member of the NAAE board or the NAAE staff.

Application procedures include sending a letter of interest and a brief resume (one or two pages) to the NAAE office. The applications are then ranked by the NAAE board and the representatives selected accordingly.

Group Number
Length of Term
The National Council for Agricultural Education (NAAE position appointed by NAAE)
Current Representative: Deb Seibert, PA (through Dec. 2017)
3 years
The National Council for Agricultural Education (ACTE postsecondary position appointed by NAAE)
Current Representative: Eric Weuve, IA (through Dec 2015)
3 years
National FFA Alumni Council
3 years
National FFA Career Development Events Advisory Board
Current Representatives: Brock Burch, WY (through Dec 2016); Shari Graffunder
3 years
National FFA Board of Directors (Consultants)
1 year
National FFA Board of Directors (Board Members)
Current Representative: Bill Davenport, CT (through June 2016)
3 years

National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees
Current Representatives: Parker Bane, IL (through Dec. 2016)
Kevin Stacy, OK (through Dec. 2017)

3 years
Ag Ed Magazine Managing/Editing Board
Current Representatives: Charlie Sappington, IL; Jay Jackman, NAAE
1 year

NAAE Awards Judging

Volunteer for the NAAE Awards Judging Committee and help select regional winners for the following NAAE awards:

  • National Agriscience Teacher of the Year (if offered for 2017)
  • Outstanding Young Member
  • Outstanding Teacher
  • Outstanding Middle/Secondary Program
  • Outstanding Postsecondary/Adult Program
  • Teacher Mentor

Judging assignments will be made by NAAE staff. Volunteers cannot judge an award application from a member of their own NAAE region. The established regional rotation of judging NAAE awards will be used to determine which applications will be judged by the committee members.

To volunteer, you must:

  • be a member of NAAE for the membership year in which you are judging
  • have the ability to access award applications through a file sharing program like Dropbox or Google Drive
  • commit to judge up to 10 award applications
  • use the NAAE Award Judging Rubric that will be provided by NAAE
  • submit your scores to the NAAE office by June 15th

To volunteer to judge 2017 NAAE awards, fill out our volunteer form. The deadline to volunteer is May 12.

All questions regarding NAAE award judging should be directed to Alissa Smith at (800) 509-0204 or

Communities of Practice Facilitator

A Communities of Practice facilitator is an individual who takes primary responsibility for a topic area within NAAE's Communities of Practice. This person will work to generate discussion within his or her area of CoP and identify resources that can be posted.

The facilitator will also monitor, direct, and contribute to discussion in an effort to keep fresh ideas flowing through CoP at all times and create current, lively atmosphere.

To view the entire facilitator position description, follow this link, or contact NAAE to further discuss the opportunity.

News & Views Author

News & Views is the bimonthly e-newsletter of NAAE. We welcome articles from members and partners. Contact NAAE for more information.

National Teach Ag Campaign

Serve as a Teach Ag Ambassador, a "Day in the Life of an Ag Teacher" blogger, a mentor teacher, and more. Follow this link for details about getting involved in the National Teach Ag Campaign.



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