Membership in NAAE

Types of NAAE Membership

Types of NAAE Membership


Active — anyone who is professionally qualified to teach agriculture in K-12 or postsecondary public or private schools or state staff

Associate — anyone engaged in agricultural education who is not professionally qualified to teach agriculture

Retired — anyone qualified to be an active or associate member who has retired from the profession — Life active members who retire will automatically be moved to Retired Life membership without any additional payment

Student — undergraduates training for careers related to agricultural education

NAAE strongly encourages membership in both NAAE and your respective state agricultural educators association. If you are a member of a unified dues state, you cannot join NAAE directly, you must go through your state association. This applies to all membership categories except student membership and organizational membership. Visit this page to join as a student member, or click here to learn more about organizational membership.

Not sure if you're in a unified dues state? Select the state where you work from the drop-down box below. If you work in a non-unified dues state, then you will be directed to a membership enrollment page. If you work in a unified dues state, you will get the contact information for your state dues remitter.

Please select the state where you work from the drop-down box below.


State Affiliate Organizations

NAAE has affiliate organizations on the state level. Contact your agricultural education state staff or visit this page to get the contact for your state organization.

NAAE does offer a few benefits that can be best utilized at the state level. Visit our membership benefits page to see those. If you are a state leader looking for membership information to share with current and potential members, see the Membership Recruitment section on the Tools for State Leaders page.

NAAE Partner Engagement Opportunities

Organizations or businesses interested in supporting agricultural educators through NAAE should visit this page to learn about the NAAE partner engagement opportunities.