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Teach Ag Mission:
To raise awareness of the need to recruit and retain high quality and diverse agriculture teachers, encourage others to consider a career teaching agriculture and celebrate the positive contributions that agriculture teachers make in our schools and communities.

Teach Ag Goal:
To ensure an abundant supply of high quality and diverse agriculture teachers who will cultivate the next generation of problem solvers, leaders, entrepreneurs and agriculturalists.


The National Teach Ag Campaign is a project of the National Council for Agricultural Education, led by the National Association of Agricultural Educators. Funding for the National Teach Ag Campaign is provided by the CHS Foundation, Corteva Agriscience™, Growth Energy, and BASF as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.

Logos and Sponsor Bar:
Click here to download a .zip file of all our logos and sponsor bar formats. Looking for a specific format? Keep scrolling, we have the individual files available on this page as well.

Teach Ag Logos

Please feel free to modify the logo colors to suit your needs.  

Official Teach Ag Logo
Uses: Use on every Teach Ag document with white/paper backgrounds
Use .eps logo for embroidery

White Hand Print Logo
Uses: White Teach Ag Logo to be used only on colored backgrounds

Black and White Logo
Uses: Black and White copies

Teach Ag Handprint

.gif .jpeg .png .eps .gif .jpeg .png .eps .gif .jpeg .png .eps .gif .jpeg .png .eps

Teach Ag Specialty and Event Logos:


Tagged to Teach Ag Logo


.jpg   .gif   .eps



Teach Ag Colors:

Teach Ag Green:
Pantone 377 C
CMYK: (45, 0, 100, 24)
RGB: (120, 162, 47)
HEX: (78C22F)

Teach Ag Gray:
Pantone Warm Gray 7 C
CMYK: (0, 8, 14, 38)
RGB: (172, 160, 149)
HEX: (ACA095)


Teach Ag Fonts:

You can download these free fonts used by Teach Ag.

Header Text

Free download from http://www.dafont.com/market-deco.font
Free download from http://www.fontpark.net/en/font/hawksmoor/#
Free download from http://www.fonts2u.com/intro-inline.font
Free download from http://www.dafont.com/bebas-neue.font


Body Text



Teach Ag Designs:

You can download the "Teach Ag Swoop" as a Word document or PorwerPoint template. If you would like the branding swoop in a different file format, please contact us.

(Word doc.)


Download Teach Ag PowerPoint template


Sponsor Bar:

Our sponsor bar is included on all promotional materials to show their support.

Download file: .png .jpg

Download file: .png .jpg




The National Teach Ag Campaign website should be listed on all promotional materials to promote teaching agriculture. Always use www. when listing the Teach Ag website.




Thank you to the CHS Foundation for making the NAAE National Teach Ag Campaign possible.


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