Faces of Teach Ag!

Whether you have been in the classroom for 30+ years, or just beginning your journey to becoming an agriculture teacher.....YOU are the face of Teach Ag! Meet some outstanding current and future agriculture teachers from across the United States and see what they have to say about the ag ed profession with the Faces of Teach Ag!


"As a future agriculture teacher, I am most looking forward to molding students into better people and citizens, as well as better students."

Nathan Repetz
Agricultural Education Student
The Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA


"If you're considering becoming an agriculture teacher, then jump in with both feet. Any reservations you have will be put aside once you realize how rewarding of a career it is."

Leyna Miller
Agriculture Teacher
Alma High School
Alma, MI


"Agriculture teachers are able to teach a variety of topics and they are always learning because agriculture is always changing."

Olivia Steckler
Agricultural Education Student
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN


"Teaching agriculture is a labor of love. If you want to be passionate about your work, then being an agriculture teacher is a great career choice."

Matthew Simpson
Agriculture Teacher
Jessamine Career and Teachnology Center
Nicholasville, KY


"I know every day as an agriculture teacher will bring new opportunities and I look forward to the diversity within this career."

Breanne Brammer
Agricultural Education Student
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO


"One thing I enjoy about my job is having students from different backgrounds. I really enjoy the process of helping every student understand where their food comes from."

Bridgette Compton
Agriculture Teacher
Northwest Middle School
McDermott, OH



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