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Pathway Document

There are many ways to become an agriculture teacher in Mississippi. Click on the pathway document to explore the various pathways to this rewarding career!

Step 1: Explore the Profession

If you are currently enrolled in an agricultural education program, have a conversation with your agriculture teacher. You can also explore teaching by volunteering at a local high school or community college agriculture program, observing an agriculture class, or getting involved with the many agricultural youth program events across Mississippi.

If agricultural education seems interesting to you, reach out to Dr. OP McCubbins at am4942@msstate.edu for information about ag ed programs in Mississippi. 

Step 2: Get a Degree

You can earn your certification through one of the bachelor's degree programs, master's degree programs, or through an alternate route that includes completion of a required year-long New Teacher Institute.

The bachelor's and master's Agricultural Education programs immerse students in teaching methods and agricultural content knowledge, culminating in a 16-week student teaching internship.

The icons below link to schools in Mississippi where you can earn your degree in agricultural education. Click on each to explore that school's agricultural education program.

Step 3: Student Teaching

The student teaching internship is the culminating experience of your Agricultural Education degree program. You are paired with a master agriculture teacher for a 16-week experience in a middle or high school agriculture classroom.

Step 4: Get a Job

Open positions are shared via our email listserv and will be posted on this website. There are typically more openings than candidates, so the job outlook is extremely positive.

What's It Like to Teach Agriculture?

Ag teachers never have the same day twice. One day they might be in a classroom or laboratory, the next visiting students in the field, preparing teams for an FFA Career Development Event, or leading a community service activity with their FFA chapter.

Ag teachers:
Teach by doing, not just telling.
Share their passion for agriculture.
Create lessons that are hands-on and engaging for all learners.
Reach students, including those who might not be successful in a traditional classroom.
Teach about cutting-edge topics, like cloning, satellite mapping, biofuels, alternative energy, and more.
Travel in-state, nationally, and even internationally.
Work with new and emerging technology from agribusiness companies.

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Alternative Certification in Mississippi

Do you already have a degree and/or experience in another area and want to teach agriculture in Mississippi? Reach out to Jill Wagner, Mississippi Ag Program Supervisor, at jwagner@mdek12.org.

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