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Pathway Document

There are many ways to become an agriculture teacher in North Dakota. Click on the pathway document to explore the various pathways to this rewarding career!

Step 1: Explore the Profession

So you are thinking about the career of agricultural education in the great state of North Dakota? We welcome you warmly! For those who are looking for a chance to teach a diverse curriculum, earn competitive wages, and be part of an amazing family of colleagues, look no further.

If you are interested in earning a degree in agricultural education, we encourage you to check out the requirements at North Dakota State University and Dickinson State University. If you have a degree or are bringing in industry experience, we encourage you to talk to the North Dakota CTE department to see what opportunities await you in the Great Plains!

Step 2: Get a Degree

The agricultural education major prepares candidates to teach at the middle, secondary, post-secondary and adult levels in agricultural education programs. North Dakota State University and Dickinson State University are designated by the State Board of Career and Technical Education as the recognized institutions for preparing teachers of agricultural education.

Step 3: Student Teaching

Student teaching (clinical practice) is the culmination of the teaching program. During the clinical practice, teacher candidates apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their college courses to real-world classrooms under the supervision of experienced agricultural educators in middle or secondary schools. Faculty members from NDSU conduct monthly on-site visits to support, encourage, and evaluate teacher candidates so that they gain the confidence and ability to join the teaching profession after graduation.

Step 4: Get a Job

For several years, there have been favorable employment opportunities for those prepared to teach agricultural education. Most agricultural education teachers in North Dakota are on extended contracts and receive stipends for serving as an FFA advisor. Other graduates seek employment in Cooperative Extension, farming, agricultural finance, agribusiness, and government agencies in agriculture, or continue their studies at the graduate level.

For jobs specific to agricultural education, all openings are posted on the North Dakota FFA website: ndffa.org/teaching-job

What's It Like to Teach Agriculture?

From a Current Teacher:

Brenna Pastir

"Teaching Ag in North Dakota is one of the greatest professions you can have. Not only do you get to make an impact on students every single day, you get to do it with the best Ag Ed "family" in the nation."

-Breanna Pastir, Wahpeton Secondary Ag Ed Teacher

From a Student Studying to Become an Ag Teacher:

Iris Dukart

"From a young age, I knew I wanted to have a career in agriculture and sought out opportunities to achieve that. Agricultural education combines my love for ag with the ability to teach students and consumers more about the industry! I am very excited to be entering into the classroom as an ag teacher and FFA Advisor in a few months and look forward to all the opportunities and experiences to come!"

-Iris Dukart, NDSU Student and 2022 North Dakota Association of Ag Educators Intern

Why North Dakota?

There are a few things that make North Dakota agricultural education so special . The first is our sense of family within the state. We truly look out for and help everyone in our state. We are constantly sharing resources, ideas, and even help coach each other's students in different FFA competitions like Career Development Events and Leadership Development Events.

Agriculture is a way of life here in North Dakota and the backbone of every community. The people here understand that, and you will almost always have incredible community support and resources along with the best family of ag teachers a person could ask for.

Come join us!

Number 1

North Dakota ranks #1 in the following ag commodiites - all dry edible beans, navy beans, pinto beans, canola, flaxseed, honey, dry edible peas, Durum wheat, and spring wheat. North Dakota is the No.2 producer of lentils, black beans, great northern beans, all wheat, and sunflowers.

39.3 million

Farms and ranches occupy 39.3 million acres of land in North Dakota, which is an amazing 89 percent of the total land in the state.

110 ag teachers

We currently have 110 secondary ag teachers teaching in 92 different programs and we are GROWING!

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Alternative Certification in North Dakota

Do you already have a degree and/or experience in another area and want to teach agriculture in North Dakota? To become alternatively certified, those who are interested should contact the ND CTE department and ESPB at the following links:

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