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Pathway Document

There are many ways to become an agriculture teacher in Oklahoma. Click on the pathway document to explore the various pathways to this rewarding career!

Step 1: Explore the Profession

Oklahoma has over 365 agricultural education programs and more than 450 teaching positions, and those numbers continue to grow each year.

If you are interested in preparing students for career success, personal growth and premier leadership, please visit the following links to identify agricultural education contacts and teacher resources.

Step 2: Get a Degree

Oklahoma State University, Northwestern Oklahoma State University and Panhandle State University are three post secondary institutions that offer a degree in Agricultural Education. There are also a variety of 2-year colleges with schools of agriculture that prepare graduates for transfer with agriculture field and laboratory experiences. Each of the two- and four-year institutions offer student organizations, competitive teams, and early field experience opportunities throughout the duration of your degree pathway.

The icons below link to schools in Oklahoma where you can earn your agricultural education degree. Click on each to explore that school's agricultural education program.

Two-year and Community College programs:
If transferring, work with the transfer institution to be sure credits apply.

Step 3: Student Teaching

Student teaching is the ultimate "Doing to Learn" experience that prepares you for a successful career in agricultural education in a way that traditional coursework cannot. Students practice teaching in agricultural education classrooms through a 15-week immersive student teaching experience.The opportunity to teach in an agricultural education program as part of your undergraduate experience will prepare and develop you into a well-rounded agricultural professional. Student teachers may choose either the fall or spring semester to complete their experience.

Step 4: Get a Job

Agricultural education teaching position openings in Oklahoma are listed on the OKCareerTech website. Use this link to see
what positions are available: https://oklahoma.gov/careertech/educators/agricultural-education.html

In addition to online listings, you can contact agricultural education staff to inquire about teaching positions in Oklahoma.

What's It Like to Teach Agriculture?

From a Current Teacher:

Cody Nieman

"Teaching Ag in Oklahoma is gratifying for two reasons. First and foremost, being able to work with students and see firsthand what they can accomplish through their hard work and determination is incredibly rewarding. Secondly, there is truly no better fellowship than that of a group of ag teachers who work together to not only follow the footsteps of those who set the groundwork before us, but to also foster continued growth and development for agricultural education in the future."

-Cody Nieman Agricultural Education Instructor, Skiatook, Oklahoma

From a Future Teacher:

Wyatt Jensen

"My agricultural education classes have allowed me to greatly expand my career goals, improve my communication skills and create actionable steps to bettering my future. The opportunities in these classes have made my goals more attainable and provided me with a valuable insight into the agriculture industry."

- Wyatt Jensen FFA Member, Altus, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Agriculture Education programs have a rich tradition of excellence and success on a state and national level. One hundred percent of Oklahoma agriculture teachers are members of the National Association of Agricultural Educators and Oklahoma Agriculture Education Teachers Association professional organizations.

Agriculture educators in Oklahoma are supported by a state staff that includes program specialists for each of the five areas in our state as well as a state executive secretary and State FFA Advisor.

students enrolled

More than 25,512 students are enrolled in agricultural education courses in Oklahoma.

average students enrolled

On average, 72 students are enrolled per program.

postsecondary instructors

There are 16 postsecondary agriculture education instructors in Oklahoma.

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Do you already have a degree and/or experience in another area and want to teach agriculture in Oklahoma?

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