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Teach Ag Recruitment and Retention Resources

The mission of the National Teach Ag Campaign is to raise awareness of the need to recruit and retain high quality and diverse agriculture teachers, encourage others to consider a career teaching agriculture and celebrate the positive contributions that agriculture teachers make in our schools and communities.

The goal of the National Teach Ag Campaign is to ensure an abundant supply of high quality and diverse agriculture teachers who will cultivate the next generation of problem solvers, leaders, entrepreneurs and agriculturalists.

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General Resources

Recruitment Strategies

Ag Ed Major Retention

  • Collegiate collaboration and exchange
    • Ag Club exchange - Purdue University
  • Targeted professional development (on campus & ag teacher conferences)
  • Ag Ed Program tours
    • South Dakota
  • Weekly Master teacher chats
  • Current teacher mentor for seniors
  • New teacher presentation (skit) at summer conference
  • Work/life balance professional development (prioritization, delegation, administration)
  • Activity-based Ag Ed Club
    • Colorado
  • Student teacher scholarships
  • Summer Ag Ed Internships

Current Agriculture Teacher Retention

  • Inclusion of activities at conferences, meetings, events - see idea list below
  • Celebration of the profession
    • Family Tree
    • Ag Teacher trading cards
    • Welcome baskets
      • Student Teachers
        • Minnesota
      • New Teachers
      • Fill the bucket - North Carolina
      • Recognizing award winners at State FFA convention
      • Award winner banners for display at school
        • Wisconsin
        • Tennessee
      • Teacher recognized based on years of service with small token and inspirational statement. Bronze, Silver, and Gold
        • California
      • Reward and gift card for meeting certain criteria like hosting a student teacher or being a teacher mentor. - Indiana
      • Professional attire for all teachers (unity and team)
        • Oregon
        • Arizona
      • Ag Teacher Swap Shop - New teachers get early access
        • New York
      • Formal or informal mentoring
      • Teacher Induction programs
      • Early Career Support
      • New teacher presentation (skit) at summer conference
      • Work/life balance professional development
        • Wellness speakers - Wisconsin
        • Coaching program - Wisconsin
        • Retreat - West Virginia
        • Paint Night Activity - California
      • Alternative license professional development
        • Day-long boot camp - Colorado
      • Loan Forgiveness
      • Growth opportunities, teachers as leaders
      • Professional Development scholarships
        • 10 for 10 to NAAE Convention - Tennessee
        • Ag Mechanics training - Virginia
        • XLR8 institute - Ohio, Arizona


  • Develop conference mentors for new and alternatively licensed teachers
  • Use audio projection in meetings and workshops
  • Offer sign language interpreters at meetings
  • Inclusive language guides for teachers and students
  • Unconscious bias training at the preservice and current teacher levels
  • Ensure facilities are ADA compliant and functioning
  • Diversify options
    • Food
    • Music
    • Entertainment
    • Speakers
    • Reflections rather than prayer
    • Equal representation on committees, panels, promotional materials, and leadership teams
  • Offer unique experiences at conferences
    • Tour an ethnic agriculture industry
    • Work with various faith-based organizations on service projects
    • Culture night
    • Workshops around diversity and underrepresented populations
  • Marketing
    • Representation matters
    • Gender neutral giveaways or options
    • Engage all teachers and look for ways to include teachres not usually active
    • Stay away from events on all religious holidays


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Thank you to the CHS Foundation for making NAAE's teacher recruitment and retention initiatives possible.


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