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Welcome to the resource area to help you plan and conduct a Teach Ag workshop in your state or region. Use the examples below to create a workshop that best fits the needs of your audience. Need help? Contact Ellen Thompson, National Teach Ag Campaign Coordinator at ethompson.naae@uky.edu

Share Your Experiences and Successes

If you conduct a Teach Ag Workshop, please share your experience in our Teach Ag Community on NAAE's Communities of Practice. We would love to hear how it went for you, and welcome any additional materials you would like to share for this resource area.

Agenda Examples

CalPoly Change Lives Agenda — Contact Dr. Ann Delay, Cal Poly University
6 hour workshop that focuses on the how and why of being an ag teacher.

IA Change Lives Workshop Outline — Contact Brittany Elmquist, Harlam Community High School Activities include Play-doh, tower building, snowball war, future ag teachers creed.

IL Elite Agenda — Contact http://www.agriculturaleducation.org
Activities include; Teacher Panel, CTE group breakouts, University representatives mingling

MN Change Lives Day Outline — Contact Leah Addington, Minnesota FFA, Angela Fredericks, Iowa FFA or Dan Helvig, University of MN ag education undergraduate
Activities include; create an ag teacher picture, ag ed infomercial, ag teacher panel

ND Change Lives Workshop Description — Contact Rocky Brown, Wishek Public School
Activities include; Top Ten Reasons to be an ag teacher, Family Feud game

OH Teach Ag Schedule — Contact Marlene Eick, The Ohio State University
Activities include; campus tour/immersion, lunch, greetings from ag education faculty, admission process, ag ed student teacher panel

OK I Want to Teach Ag Agenda — Contact Ag Education Department, OK State University
Activities Include; campus tour, lunch with state staff, panel discussion, scholarship.

Teach Ag Campaign Invite Only Workshop Agenda — Contact Ellen Thompson, NAAE
Activities include; play-doh, design a Teach Ag t-shirt, create a skit, speaker, NAAE Teach Ag video

Teach Ag Campaign Teach Ag General Workshop Agenda — Contact Ellen Thompson, NAAE Activities include; NAAE Teach Ag video, perceptions of ag teachers, Go Get It Questions, Create an ag teacher, Q&A

Invitation Examples

IA Change Lives Invitation Letter — Letter used to send students an invitation to the Change Lives workshop after being nominated.

IA Change Lives Nomination Request Correspondence with ag teachers seeking nominations for the workshop

MN Advisor Letter SampleSample letter for advisors to use when creating a personalized letter to the student they nominate for the workshop.

MN Change Lives Instructor Emaildraft copy of the email sent to ag teachers about the Change Lives workshop requesting student nominations

MN Change Lives Nomination Form draft copy of the actual form that ag teachers fill out to nominate students

MN Change Lives Parent Letterdraft copy of the personalized letter that goes out to the parents of students who were nominated

MN Change Lives Student Invite Letterdraft copy of the letter that students who were nominated receive inviting them to the Teach Ag workshop.

Activity Resources

MN Change Lives You Tube Instructions — student instructions for the infomercial activity

Skit Topics — list of potential topics for students to choose from to make their ag education skit, ready to be posted around the room.

MN Change Lives Values Sheetlisting of characteristics for the create an ag teacher picture activity

MN Change Lives Workshop Topicslisting of topics related to being an ag teacher for students to use as a guide when developing their you tube infomercial

Teach Ag Campaign Jeopardy questionsTeach Ag PPT Jeopardy format questions, print off just the questions from the PPT and play Go Get It Questions — post the questions around the room for students to grab and answer together as a group


Attendee Contact Form -- Use this form to capture workshop attendees contact information for follow-up and tracking.

Change Lives Follow-Up Newsletter — example of a great way to follow-up with students who attended a Teach Ag workshop

IA Change Lives PPTPPT slideshow of the workshop outline designed for use during the Teach Ag workshop

IA Change Lives T-shirt Frontexample t-shirt giveaway at the workshop
IA Change Lives T-shirt Backexample t-shirt giveaway at the workshop

IA Change Lives Workshop Checklist — workshop materials and contact list

IA Future Agriculture Educator Creed creed created for students who will someday be ag teachers

MN Top 12 Reasons to be an Ag Educator List Top 12 reasons to be an ag teacher list

MN Change Lives University Listing — listing of regional ag education programs with contact information, included in the student folder

MN Change Lives Workshop Surveypost workshop survey for students to fill out assessing the workshop

MN Change Lives To Do ListProvides a timeline and materials list for the MN Change Lives workshop

Potential Ag Classes ListOrganized listing of potential classes an ag teacher may teach in their program, nice to include in the attendee folder

Attendee Folder ItemsChecklist of possible items to include in folders to give to students who attend Teach Ag workshops.

Other Teach Ag Workshop Tipssuggestions on making the Teach Ag workshop successful

Tagged to Teach Ag Sticker Templates — use these stickers to designate special attendees or decorate Teach Ag take-home items


Thank you to the CHS Foundation for making the NAAE National Teach Ag Campaign possible.


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