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One of the first things you need if you want to teach agriculture is a degree in agricultural education. Use our college finder for a listing of schools in the United States where you can work toward an agricultural education degree.

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State Certification Requirements, Job Openings and State Level Teach Ag Resources

Every state has different certification requirements to teach agriculture. Learn more about the specifics in your state, and find current employment opportunities.

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Supply and Demand Profiles

Our Supply and Demand Data will provide you with the current status of agriculture teacher supply and demand based on NAAE region.

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Teach Ag Grants

We have funding to help states conduct recruitment and retention programs. Beginning in 2014, grants are only available through the State Teach Ag Results (STAR) program. Click here to see current STAR participants and previous grant recipients.

Teach Ag Lesson Plans, Games and Activities

We have a treasure trove of lesson plans, games and other activities you can use to encourage your students to consider a career in agricultural education. Follow this link to access these materials.

Teach Ag Promotional Materials

We've also developed a lot of great templates, logos and other resources to make promoting the profession of agricultural education easy. Follow this link to access our promotional materials.

Teach Ag Community on NAAE Communities of Practice

Find blogs and other posts related to the National Teach Ag Campaign.

Grow Your Own Ag Teacher

What can you do to support the agriculture teacher and agricultural education program in your own community? Check out our “Grow Your Own Ag Teacher” page.

Agricultural Education Career Development Event

At the present time there are approximately seven states that have an Agricultural Education Career Development Event (CDE). At the 2012 National FFA Convention the delegates voted and approved the recommendation to create a National Ag Ed CDE. The National Teach Ag Campaign is currently exploring options for how this might look. Included in this post you will find links to current state level Ag Ed CDE's. Please use these to develop your own Ag Ed CDE/event.

Arizona Ag Ed CDE Resources
Florida Ag Ed CDE Resources
New Jersey Ag Ed CDE
Indiana Ag Ed CDE

Teach Ag Workshop Center

Plan and conduct a Teach Ag workshop in your state or region with help from the examples in our workshop center. Go to the Teach Ag Workshop Center.

Promising Practices

From webinars to recruitment and retention resources, the Teach Ag Promising Practices page will have what you need.


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