This year marks NAAE’s 75th anniversary. A lot has changed since our organization was formed in 1948, but our focus is still on providing agricultural educators the opportunity to come together for the betterment of their profession. We started as a grassroots organization, and still pride ourselves today on being driven by the thoughtful leadership of agricultural educators from across the United States. Our members are agricultural educators by choice, not by chance, and that shows in their leadership within their communities, states, and the education profession.

We’ll be celebrating our 75th anniversary in a number of ways between now and December, culminating with a 75th anniversary celebration during our annual convention in Phoenix this November. We invite you to celebrate with us!

$75 for 75 Campaign

In celebration of NAAE's 75th anniversary, NAAE's $75 for 75 Campaign invites anyone who has ever been positively impacted by NAAE, an agriculture teacher, or agricultural education to make a $75 contribution and share their story.

Interested in joining us our $75 for 75 Campaign? Click here.


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