NAAE members are involved in school-based agricultural education at every level, from middle school through university.

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May 4-8

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NAAE President-Elect
Sherisa Nailor
(717) 443-8105

Sherisa teaches agriculture at Big Spring High School in Newville, Pennsylvania. Her tenure as President-Elect will last one year, during which time she will assist the current president in setting the tone and direction for agricultural education initiatives in the upcoming year. She has long been a state and national leader in agricultural education, most recently as the NAAE Region VI Vice President and, before that, as NAAE Region VI Secretary.

"I have been inspired by leaders in my state and at the national level that have come before me," said Nailor. "I will always work hard to represent the views and opinions of our membership to better the future for agricultural education."

Sherisa has been teaching agriculture for 15 years. She believes that her purpose as a teacher is to educate, train and prepare the next generation of citizens to solve problems and succeed in an ever-changing world of technology, science and challenges.

She currently resides in Newville, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Jason, and their three duaghters, Joleigh, Jordyn, and Jayce. Together, they own and operate a 150-head dairy farm with nearly 300 acres of cropland.

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