NAAE members are involved in school-based agricultural education at every level, from middle school through university.

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Region V Vice President
Stanley Scurlock
(850) 209-8302

Stanley teaches agriculture at Cottondale High School in Cottondale, Florida. His tenure as NAAE Region V Vice President will last three years (2017-20), during which time he will be responsible for guiding the association’s activities in his seven-state region.

“I believe in what we do and the purpose of why we teach agriculture,” said Scurlock. “I consider being a leader in our professional organization an honor and a privilege. To speak on behalf of agricultural educators is of the utmost importance to me.”

Stanley has taught agriculture for 12 years. He believes that every student in his classroom has the ability to learn and has something to teach him.

He resides in Cottondale, Florida with his wife, Wendy, and their two sons, Josh and Jeremy.

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