1996-97 NVATA Board of Directors

NVATA Board Conference Call Minutes
January 24, 1997


On January 24, 1997, the NVATA Board of Directors conducted a conference call from 3:30 p.m. to 4:35 p.m. Eastern. All board members except for Russell Watson were on the call. Jay Jackman and Larry Case were also on the call. The minutes of the conference call are as follows:

  1. MeeCee Baker welcomed everyone to the call.
  2. Dr. Case indicated that he had turned in MeeCeešs name to get an invitation to attend Secretary Rileyšs address on the state of education in the United States.
  3. Dr. Case gave an overview of the Agricultural Education Career Cluster. It is still in proposal form, but he feels the approval is forthcoming. The meeting is scheduled tentatively for July 8-9, l997. The Assistant Secretary of USDE would like an overall foundation meeting to define career cluster, prior to the July meeting. Some questions that need to be addressed are: How useful will this be to you in the field? What would it mean for states? How would curriculum and teacher training be impacted?
  4. Dr. Case also discussed the National FFA Headquarters Office. He stated an action memo has been submitted to the Assistant Secretary of USDE for approval of the clarification of location of the national headquarters. As of this time, no decision has been made on the memo. It is being reviewed by lawyers. Dr. Case stated that he would be discussing the proposal for the national headquarters in executive session during the upcoming FFA board meeting. He hopes to have a decision by February.
  5. MeeCee reported the following:
    1. Tom Kremer will represent NVATA at the PAS Conference in March.
    2. The spring board meeting is scheduled for March 13-15, 1997 in Washington.
    3. Jay has been asked to submit two proposals for consideration to the FFA Foundation: (1) sponsorship for the golden anniversary; and (2) sponsorship for an outstanding postsecondary program award.
    4. A committee has been appointed to begin work on the fiftieth anniversary. Anyone who wants to help will be welcome. Dick Aide will chair.
    5. The summer board meeting is scheduled for July 10-12, 1997 in Washington.
    6. It was suggested that a representative from Forrest T. Jones address the board at the next board meeting about the professional liability insurance program.
    7. New business cards are needed for MeeCee, Duane, Paul, Linda, and Russell.
    8. Roger Teeple has resigned as Region V alternate vice president.
  6. Discussion was opened concerning the board decision to begin an Outstanding Postsecondary Program Award this year - with or without a sponsor. Board members expressed concerns that to go forward with the new program without a sponsor would mean that awardees would not be eligible for the expense-paid trip to the convention to receive the award. It was agreed to seek sponsorship for the new program; however, in the meantime, NVATA will recognize a Postsecondary All-Star Team (plaque recognition only) using the same application as is used for the existing Outstanding Program award. Postsecondary programs will continue to be eligible for the existing award until sponsorship is secured for the new awards program. After both programs are sponsored, one program will be open to postsecondary and adult programs only and the other program will be open to secondary and lower-level programs only.
  7. A question was raised about the Honorary American FFA Degree for Teachers application. The FFA board will discuss this at the upcoming FFA board meeting.
  8. Jay opened discussion on the following:
    1. MBNA has pre-approved NVATA for an Affinity Credit Card program as a membership benefit. By general consensus, Jay was authorized to pursue this opportunity.
    2. NVATA has been approached by a company to assist with the promotion of an all-written nationwide parliamentary procedure contest, based on the developeršs materials. Board consensus was to not pursue this.
    3. Dale Crabtree has information about commodity marketing activity workshops, presented by the Stewart-Peterson Advisory Group. If states or regions are interested in these workshops, contact Dale.
    4. Jim Scott has requested mailing labels of selected NVATA members to receive information about economics workshops for teachers and students. There was no objection to providing the labels to Jim.
    5. Kevin Keith has invited NVATA to help promote and manage a project, stemming from Local Program Success, to collect from ag teachers the best practices of SAE programs. The incentive is a $100.00 award for up to 100 ag teachers who submit an entry. By general consensus, it was agreed to pursue this opportunity.
  9. The conference call ended at 4:35 p.m. Eastern.