NVATA Board Conference Call Minutes
October 27, 1997

On October 27, 1997, the NVATA Board of Directors conducted a conference call from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. Eastern. All board members and alternate vice presidents were on the call, except Gary Hill. Larry Case, Connie Tyler, Susan Vaughn, and Jay Jackman were also on the call. (Linda Rist joined call late from an airport payphone. Because of static from the cellular phone Chuck Stranberg was using, the operator disconnected him from the call.) The minutes of the conference call are as follows:

1. Welcome - Dr. Larry Case called the roll.  MeeCee Baker welcomed the group.

2.  Update on National Agricultural Education Headquarters -  Larry Case reported that the lease between the ag ed groups (FFA, The Council, and NVATA) and the American Vocational Association has been signed.  We are now working on things such as signage for the headquarters office.  The office layout has been agreed to.  Jay Jackman indicated his approval of the lease arrangements.  He stated he was comfortable with the arrangements and felt this was a great thing for NVATA. 

Larry Case also reported that the white paper on career clusters commissioned by USDE would be completed by the AVA convention in December.  He is continuing to work with Trish McNeil, Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education at USDE, on agricultural education’s relationship with USDA. Ms. McNeil has indicated her potential interest in bringing in the Environmental Protection Agency as another federal partner with ag ed.  Ms. McNeil will attend the AVA/NVATA conventions.  In response to our invitation, she has indicated her interest in addressing the agricultural educators at one of our general sessions.

 In response to a question from MeeCee Baker, Larry Case indicated the lease on the new location for the ag ed headquarters begins in April 1, 1998.  Our anticipated move will be in concert with FFA’s move in Indianapolis – probably around mid-May to mid-June 1998.

 3.    Introduction of Connie Tyler - Jay Jackman welcomed Connie Tyler as the new NVATA membership coordinator.  Connie formerly worked with the National FFA Alumni Association.  She started her employment at NVATA on October 1, 1997.  She will be working part-time about three days per week.  Her primary responsibility will be handling NVATA membership matters.  She will assist with other projects as needed.

 4.  Membership Update - Jay Jackman presented a membership update.  To date, there are approximately 3,822 members for the 1997-98 membership year.  States that have not yet reported membership to NVATA to date are as follows:

Region I—Alaska, Arizona (students reported, actives not reported), Idaho; Region II—Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas; Region III—Iowa, Minnesota; Region IV—Kentucky; Region V—Alabama, Florida; and Region VI—Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island.

 5.  NVATA Representation on the FFA Board (Consultants) - MeeCee Baker asked Duane Fisher to provide some background information on this item.  Duane reported that the number of NVATA consultants to the FFA board used to be four.  Recently it was changed to three and the current consultants are the past president, president, and president elect.  Given the new structure of The National Council for Agricultural Education (which will include the NVATA past president, president, and president elect), it may be wise for NVATA to reassign its representatives to FFA’s group of consultants to prevent overloading this same group of NVATA leaders.  It would also be wise for us to spread official responsibilities to other members of the NVATA board.  We will have better information from which to base our action after we know the schedule and time commitments of our representatives to The Council and the AVA Ag Ed Division Policy Committee.  We will deal with this item in more detail at a later date.

 6.  Approval of July 1997 Minutes - Sue Poland asked for clarification about the calculation of overhead cost on the proceeds of the auctions that are intended for upper division scholarships.  MeeCee added this to the agenda for further discussion.  Duane Fisher moved that the minutes be approved.  Paul Jaure seconded.  The motion carried.

7.  Review of Schedules for the National FFA Convention in Kansas City - The schedule for NVATA activities at the FFA convention was distributed to board members and alternate vice presidents in the October 22 issue of Tight Lines..  Jay Jackman asked board members and alternates to try to adhere to the schedule for working the booth at the Career Show and to let Susan know if changes were needed in the schedule.  (We want to be sure the booth has at least one member there at all times.)  Also, board members need to be present at the Friday morning session in Municipal Auditorium (8:30–11:00 a.m. session) for the NVATA presentation.  All board members will be introduced on stage.  Alternate vice presidents are invited to join the board in the reserved seating section.  (Details are included in the October 22 Tight Lines.)  Additions to the schedule included MeeCee Baker (head table seating) at the Lester breakfast on Friday morning, the reception for the Honorary American FFA Degree recipients on Friday from 10:30 a.m.-12:00 Noon, and the Anniversary Committee meeting at the NVATA booth on Friday at 12:00 Noon.  Thanks to Brenda Oldfield, Sue Poland, Gwyne Ellis, Russell Watson, and Paul Jaure for volunteering to be hosts for the Honorary FFA Degree reception (Sue and Russell may have a conflict with Career Show scheduling); Paul will be the speaker at the reception.  Thanks to Tom Heffernan for agreeing to coordinate the Anniversary Committee meeting.

8.  NVATA Convention Items

 a.   Common Agenda Items—MeeCee Baker asked the board to suggest items that should be included on all regional meeting agendas at the upcoming convention.  Discussion yielded the following as common agenda items:  name change; committee structure; anniversary plans (ask regional representatives on the anniversary committee to report); new headquarters location; new Council configuration; and election of alternate vice presidents.

b.    Committee Agendas - MeeCee Baker asked the consultants to the seven standing committees to give brief reports on their committee meeting preparations.  Also, MeeCee asked other board members to suggest items for the committee agendas.  Generally, it was agreed that committee agendas should include reports from the board on previous committee items (board actions including board decisions to not act on items due to, for example, financial constraints), but that these items should be summarized across all regions rather than listed by specific region.

Diversity - Mike Cox has been communicating with Woodie Pugh, the committee chair, to develop the agenda.  Woodie will communicate with the other committee members.

Membership Services - Russell will begin work on the committee agenda soon.  It was suggested that a membership update be provided to the committee.

Policy and Bylaws - Tom Kremer reported that the three main items to be discussed by the committee include:  getting convention minutes out to state presidents no later than 30 days following the convention; reconsidering the motion from the 1996 convention concerning chairs and vice chairs for the seven standing committees; and changing the terminology in the bylaws from regional vice presidents to regional presidents.  Additional items will surface.  The leadership manual will be presented at the convention in draft form.

Legislative - Duane Fisher pointed out the committee chair, Monte Womack, has a new job as a school principal.  We need to see if Monte plans to continue as committee chair or if a replacement needs to be appointed.

 Finance - Paul Jaure suggested that Tony Maull be invited to present a report on NVATA’s investments to the committee, that Beck & Associates be invited to report to the committee by conference call, and that Jay Jackman be present at the first committee meeting to assist with questions.  Jay Jackman indicated that a 3-year budget will be presented that will include the 1996-97 final, the 1997-98 current, and 1998-99 proposed budgets; committee members will be asked to give input to the 1998-99 proposed budget.

Public Relations - Marc Beitia indicated that the name change would be a major item for the committee.  He requested that copies of the new awards applications be available for regional meetings.  Marc indicated that John Rist would be the convention photographer for all events, including the individual shots of convention participants; the regional committee members would help to organize the regional photo shoots.  There will be a meeting of the committee on Wednesday morning from 9:00-10:00 a.m. in Room 14 of the Riviera Hotel.

 Strategic Planning - Duane Fisher will be working with Ray Chelewski and Brenda Oldfield on the committee agenda.

 c.  Communications with Committee Chairs and Members - Board members (consultants to the seven standing committees) were reminded that they have the responsibility of communicating with the committee chairs and members regarding all convention-related business.  The NVATA office will not be sending information to the committee chairs and members.  Jay Jackman will be providing assistance to Paul Jaure and the Finance Committee due to the complex nature of this committee’s assignments.

d.  Speakers - Jeff Medders is confirmed to speak at the Thursday morning session.  He will bring a rodeo cowboy with him.  Other confirmed speakers include Dr. I. Miley Gonzalez, USDA Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics, Dr. Lowell Catlett, New Mexico State University, and Ms. Trish McNeil, USDE Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education.

e.  1998 AVA Ag Ed Division Program Chair - Marshall Stewart, AVA Ag Ed Division President, has appointed Jay Jackman as AVA Ag Ed Division Program Chair for the 1998 AVA Convention in New Orleans.

 f.  President Elect Candidate Brochures - After an inquiry from Duane Fisher, both Tom Kremer and Paul Jaure agreed to provide brochures regarding their candidacy for NVATA president elect to the NVATA office by November 12 to be included in convention packets.  (Approximately 500 brochures will be needed.)

 9.     Portfolio-based Awards Applications - Jay Jackman presented a draft of new application instructions based on teaching portfolios.  This draft was faxed to some members prior to this conference call.  Other board members will get the draft by fax the following day.  (Weather and illness prevented some members from getting the fax prior to the conference call.)  Board members and alternates were asked to provide feedback on the new application instructions to Jay Jackman by Friday, October 31.

10. Performance Evaluation of Executive Director - MeeCee Baker said she would soon distribute forms for board members to use to evaluate the performance of the executive director.  She would like to get the forms back by December 1.  She will then summarize the forms and have them ready for discussion at the board meeting preceding the 1997 NVATA Convention.

11.  Scholarship Winners - Jay Jackman thanked the board members for their hard work evaluating the 32 upper division scholarship applications.  The four most highly ranked applicants were:  Heather Dawn Dougherty, Penn State, Region VI; Scott Robert Stone, University of Missouri, Columbia, Region IV; Jeremy Bruce Johnson, North Carolina State University, Region V; and Zane Justus Vaughn, Texas Tech University, Region II.  Russell Watson moved to accept these four students as the 1997 NVATA Upper Division Ag Ed Scholarship Recipients. Paul Jaure seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  It was agreed that these students would be recognized during NVATA’s presentation at the FFA convention session on Friday morning and that MeeCee Baker would present the checks at the ATA Conclave luncheon on Friday.

       Regarding the question of the overhead cost charged against the auction proceeds (which are used to fund the upper division scholarships), Marc Beitia moved to use the first $500 for overhead cost, divide the remaining dollars by 500 to determine the number of $500 scholarships to award, and to escrow the remainder and use it in the next year’s upper division scholarship program.  Linda Rist seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

 12.   NVATA Auction - It was agreed that Regions I and II would bring one item per state for the auction at the 1997 NVATA Convention and that the other regions would bring one item per region.

13.   Adjournment - With no further business to transact, the conference call was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.