NAAE Board of Directors Special Meeting
October 31, 2002

The NAAE Board of Directors conducted a special meeting on October 31, 2002 at the Executive Inn Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  All members of the board and the executive director participated in the meeting including: Sarah Osborn Welty (MD), President; Allan Sulser (UT), Region I Vice President; Larry Long (OK), Region II Vice President; Chuck Stranberg (MN), Region III Vice President; Jeff Maierhofer (IL), Region IV Vice President; Roger Teeple (NC), Region V Vice President; Terry Hughes (NY), Region VI Vice President; and Jay Jackman (VA), Executive Director.  Also attending the meeting were Andy Seibel, NAAE Region VI Alternate Vice President, and Megan Burgess, 2002 NAAE Summer Intern.  Numerous guests participated in portions of the meeting as detailed in the minutes.  The minutes of the meeting are as follows.

1.    Call to Order—President Sarah Osborn Welty called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. and welcomed the board members to the meeting.

2.    Minutes of July 25-28, 2002 Board Meeting—Chuck Stranberg moved, Roger Teeple seconded, to approve the minutes of the July 25-28, 2002 NAAE Board of Directors meeting.  The motion carried.

3.    Minutes of October 9, 2002 Conference Call—Larry Long moved, Allan Sulser seconded, to approve the minutes of the October 9, 2002 NAAE Board of Directors conference call.  The motion carried.

4.    Adoption of July 2002 Board Committee Reports—Roger Teeple moved, Larry Long seconded, to adopt the board committee reports from the July 2002 NAAE Board of Directors meeting.  The motion carried.

5.    NAAE Vision and Mission—The NAAE board reviewed and revised the new draft NAAE mission and vision statements that were prepared by Tom Kapostasy using the data he collected from the NAAE board during the NAAE strategic planning sessions that were conducted during the July 2002 NAAE board meeting.  In addition to the newly revised draft mission and vision statements, presented below, the board discussed the possible need to write a “belief statement” for NAAE.

Draft Mission Statement:

NAAE is the professional association of agricultural educators committed to serving our members, affiliates, and the agricultural education community by increasing the skills and availability of competent and caring educators and by leading professional development, service, and advocacy for the agricultural education profession.

Draft Vision Statement:

All agricultural educators are qualified, capable, and motivated to offer an integrated program that serves local community needs and positively changes the lives of students.  The success of this approach and profession is validated and recognized, leading all schools to offer agricultural education programs.  All agricultural educators actively participate in their professional association, which collaborates with others to maximize the impact of agricultural education in shaping education policies.

6.    NAAE Potential Relocation Presentations—The NAAE board heard presentations and interacted with individuals who represented the three final locations outside the Washington, D.C metropolitan area for the potential relocation of the NAAE office.  Presenters for The Ohio State University included Dr. Robert Birkenholz, Dr. Susie Whittington, Dr. Will Waidelich, and Al Clarke.  Presenters for the University of Kentucky included Dr. Scott Smith, Bill Sheets, Dr. Charles W. Byers, Dr. Rodney Tulloch, Dr. Robin Peiter, Curt Lucas, and Dexter Knight.  The presenter for the University of Nebraska was Dr. Lloyd Bell.

7.    Closed SessionAt 9:30 p.m., Roger Teeple moved, Larry Long seconded, that the NAAE board go into closed session.  The motion carried.  At 11:55 p.m., Roger Teeple moved, Terry Hughes seconded, that the NAAE board come out of closed session.  The motion carried.

8.    NAAE Relocation Decisions—Chuck Stranberg moved, Jeff Maierhofer seconded, that NAAE negotiate a final agreement with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture to relocate the NAAE office to Lexington, Kentucky, effective at the end of the current office space lease, which is June 30, 2003.  The motion carried.

9.    AdjournmentWith no further business to transact at this time, Roger Teeple moved, Jeff Maierhofer seconded, to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried.  President Sarah Osborn Welty adjourned the conference call meeting at 12:00 midnight.