NAAE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 10, 1999


 During tThe NAAE Board of Directors conducted a board meeting on December 10, 1999 at the Caribe Royale Resort Suites in Orlando, Florida.  All members of the board and the executive director were present for the meeting including:  Tom Kremer (OH), President; Mike Cox (VA), President Elect; Sue Poland (ID), Region I Vice President; James Dawley (TX), Region II Vice President; Linda Rist (SD), Region III Vice President; Bryan Gause (IN), Region IV Vice President; Russell Watson (TN), Region V Vice President; and Ray Chelewski (ME), Region VI Vice President.  In addition, the following alternate vice presidents were in attendance:  Mitch Coleman (OR), Region I Alternate Vice President; Larry Long (OK), Region II Alternate Vice President; Chuck Stranberg (MN), Region III Alternate Vice President; Jeff Maierhofer (IL), Region IV Alternate Vice President; and Sarah Osborn Welty (MD), Region VI Alternate Vice President.  Jay Jackman (VA), NAAE Executive Director, also attended the meeting.  The minutes of the meeting are as follows: 

  1.  Welcome and Board Member Updates—President Tom Kremer called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m. on Friday, December 10, 1999 and welcomed everyone to the meeting.  President Kremer introduced Russell Watson who presented an invocation. 

  2.  Adjustments to and Approval of the Agenda—Linda Rist moved, James Dawley seconded, to adopt the board meeting agenda with flexibility to change as necessary.  The motion carried. 

  3.  Approval of Minutes of July 31 – August 2, 1999 Board—Bryan Gause moved, Linda Rist seconded, to approve the minutes from the July 31 – August 2, 1999 NAAE Board of Directors meeting.  The motion carried. 

  4.  Membership Report and Delegate Counts—Jay Jackman presented this report, which was included in the board books.  Discussion occurred regarding states and territories that do not have official state association officers.  It was agreed that these states and territories would be allowed official delegates at this convention.  

  5.  Unreported 1999-2000 State Officers—Jay Jackman indicated that the final outstanding state officer rosters have now been received in the NAAE office.  The directories have already been sent to the board of directors but not to the state presidents. 

  6.  NAAE Finances—Jay Jackman presented a financial report that centered on the 1998-99 NAAE Audit Report.  Bryan Gause indicated he was prepared to serve effectively as the consultant to the Finance Committee. 

 7.   NAAE Board Representative Positions—It was agreed that regional vice presidents would bring nominations, one per region, to the March 2000 board meeting for the NAAE representative position on the FFA CDE Advisory Committee.  The successful nominee will replace Chuck Erickson on this committee.

The newly elected NAAE president elect and the two senior vice presidents will serve as consultants to the National FFA Board of Directors beginning in January 2000. 

The newly elected NAAE president elect and one of the two senior vice presidents will serve on the National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees beginning in January 2000.  It was agreed that James Dawley and Bryan Gause would agree among themselves as to which of them would serve on the National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees beginning in January 2000.  It was later reported to the board that James Dawley would serve in this capacity.  Therefore, James Dawley and the newly elected NAAE president elect will be the two NAAE representatives to the National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees. 

  8.   Review of 1999 National FFA Convention—Discussion regarding the 1999 FFA Convention included that the Honorary American FFA Degree reception room should not be double booked.  It was also agreed that the “walk-in” style exhibit was not effective and that we would prefer an exhibit layout as we have had in recent years prior to 1999. 

  9.   Review of 1999 NAAE Convention 

a.  Sponsors List—Jay Jackman gave a report on the new sponsors for this year and encouraged all board members to write thank you letters to the sponsors.  It was also agreed that regional meetings would be used to encourage other convention participants to express their appreciation to our sponsors. 

b.  Convention Schedule—The overall convention schedule was reviewed and assignments were made as to what regions would be responsible for setting-up, breaking-down, and passing out programs for each general session. 

c.  Communications Plan—A professional photographer will shoot all photos except the individual photos at the regional meetings.  Photographs will be available for members to purchase.  Individual photos at the regional meetings will be taken by a photographer from each region; Ray Chelewski, representing the Public Relations committee, is coordinating the individual photos. 

10.  Nominating Committee Report—Linda Rist nominated Mike Cox for 1999-2000 NAAE President.  Linda Rist moved, James Dawley seconded, for nominations to cease.  The motion carried. 

Linda Rist nominated Russell Watson for 1999-2000 NAAE President Elect.  Russell Watson nominated Paul Jaure for 1999-2000 NAAE President Elect.  James Dawley moved, Linda Rist seconded, for nominations to cease.  The motion carried. 

11.  Recess—President Tom Kremer called for a recess in the board meeting at 12:00 p.m. so that board members could participate in the Partnership EXPO Exhibitor Appreciation Luncheon.  The board would reassemble at 2:30 p.m.

12.  Continuation—President Tom Kremer called the board back to order at 2:35 p.m. to continue the board meeting. 

13.  Reorganization—President Tom Kremer led the board through a discussion of the proposal regarding the reorganization of the three ag ed professional organizations (NAAE, NASAE, and AAAE) and The National Council for Agricultural Education.  President Kremer made sure the Strategic Planning Committee was prepared for this issue. 

14.  Adjournment—With no further business to transact at this time, President Kremer adjourned the board meeting at 4:15 p.m.