NAAE Board of Directors

December 13, 1997 Minutes

The NAAE Board of Directors conducted a post-convention board meeting on December 13, 1997 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. All members of the incoming board, all alternate vice presidents, and the executive director were present for the meeting including: Duane Fisher (IA), President; Tom Kremer (OH), President Elect; Marc Beitia (ID), Region I Vice President; James Dawley (TX), Region II Vice President; Linda Rist (SD), Region III Vice President; Bryan Gause (IN), Region IV Vice President; Russell Watson (TN), Region V Vice President; Mike Cox (VA), Region VI Vice President; Sue Poland (ID), Region I Alternate Vice President; Rodney Weidower (AR), Region II Alternate Vice President; Barb Hansen (IA), Region III Alternate Vice President; Jeff Maierhofer (IL), Region IV Alternate Vice President; Gwyne Ellis (FL), Region V Alternate Vice President; Ray Chelewski (ME), Region VI Alternate Vice President; and Jay Jackman (VA), Executive Director. John Rist (ID) also sat in on the meeting. The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

  1. Call to Order by New President - President Duane Fisher called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and welcomed everyone to the meeting. All attendees introduced themselves.
  2. Needed Paperwork - Jay Jackman collected needed paperwork from the board members including travel insurance forms and address/phone information from new board members.
  3. Future Board Meeting Plans - Marc Beitia moved that a winter board meeting be held in conjunction with the January 1998 National FFA Board meeting. The motion was seconded by Linda Rist. The motion carried. The dates agreed to were January 23-25, 1998, with January 22 to travel to the Washington, D.C. area and after 2:00 p.m. on January 25 to return home (expect for those board members who will stay for the FFA board meeting).

    It was agreed that the summer board meeting would be held in Indianapolis, Indiana in conjunction with the July FFA board meeting. The dates agreed to were July 19-21, with July 18 to travel to Indianapolis and either the afternoon of July 21 or the day of July 22 to return home.

  4. Dates for 1998 Summer Regional Leadership Conferences - The dates for the summer conferences were provided as follows:
    Region I April 22-25 Salt Lake City, Utah
    Region II June 21-24 Hammond, Louisiana
    Region III June 14-17 Red Wing, Minnesota
    Region IV June 23-35 Coshocton, Ohio
    Region V June 14-17 Charleston, South Carolina (tentative dates)
    Region VI May 7-9 Norwich, Connecticut
  5. Other Summer Meetings - It was agreed that Barb Hansen and Mike Cox would represent NAAE at the PAS annual meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia, March 11-14, 1998. Travel assignments for NFRBMEA and MANNRS would be held until the January board meeting.
  6. Postsecondary Position on The Council - It was agreed that the regional vice presidents would send letters of interest and resumes of interested members to the NAAE office no later than January 15, 1998. Nominees must be teachers at the postsecondary level.
  7. Region I Nominees for FFA Board - Marc Beitia reported that the nominees from Region I to fill the upcoming vacancy on the FFA board were Tom Klein (NV), Nick Siddle (WY), Elaine Lewis (WA), and John Morgan (AZ). At the January 1998 board meeting, the NAAE board will select three of these individuals to send on to Dr. Larry Case.
  8. Action Needed on Bylaws Changes - Mike Cox moved to direct the executive director to develop an in-house computer generated letterhead with the new name, address, phone numbers, and NAAE mission statement. The motion was seconded by Bryan Gause. The motion carried. The new in-house generated letterhead will be used until new letterhead can be developed with the new NAAE logo and with the new office address and phone numbers.
  9. Leadership Manual - It was agreed that the leadership manual should be updated with the new organizational name and that it should be provided to the state leaders as soon as possible.
  10. Delegate Recommendations - Jay Jackman requested that transparencies from the committee reports be provided to the NAAE office. The board also granted the executive director permission to edit the committee reports for typos and grammar.

    Marc Beitia moved that the members of the Finance Committee be added to the mailing list to receive monthly NAAE financial statements and that the committee names be updated following the regional leadership conferences. The motion was seconded by Mike Cox. The motion carried. The executive director was instructed to add a cover letter explaining this with the first mailing of the financial statements to the committee members.

    It was agreed that the board members would develop their own committee agendas for the January 1998 board meeting.

  11. 1997 Convention Comments - Following is a list of comments from the board members and alternate vice presidents regarding the just completed 1997 convention.
    • start board meeting on Monday night - meet 8:00-10:00 p.m.
    • board meeting all day on Tuesday
    • have committee chair orientation on Wednesday morning
    • do executive director evaluation at January board meeting, not at convention
    • allow for people to attend two committee meetings
    • work more with AVA, especially the Ag Ed Division
    • gala room set-up was łtoo long˛
    • voting procedures - do it quicker
    • shorten workshops to 45 minutes
    • one night with no sessions
    • good group of speakers
    • lots of excitement (optimism) in meetings
    • lots of trust in board
    • low discussion in the final meeting
    • good buffets
    • standardize committee reports
    • maybe use power point
    • tellers should not be delegates
    • parliamentarian should not be a delegate
    • too many sessions
    • do speeches just prior to the election or at the gala
    • more workshops for state presidents
  12. Adjournment - President Duane Fisher declared the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.