NAAE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
January 23-25, 1998

The NAAE Board of Directors conducted a board meeting during January 23-25, 1998 at the NAAE office in Alexandria, Virginia. All members of the board, the executive director and the administrative assistant were present for the meeting including: Duane Fisher (IA), President; Tom Kremer (OH), President Elect; Marc Beitia (ID), Region I Vice President; James Dawley (TX), Region II Vice President; Linda Rist (SD), Region III Vice President; Bryan Gause (IN), Region IV Vice President; Russell Watson (TN), Region V Vice President; Mike Cox (VA), Region VI Vice President; Jay Jackman (VA), Executive Director; and Susan Vaughn (VA), Administrative Assistant. The minutes of the meeting are as follows.

Friday, January 23, 1998; 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The board session began with board training and orientation conducted by Jay Jackman.  Following board training, the board participated in a reception provided by the National FFA Organization.  Following the reception, the board committees for Policy and Bylaws and Finance met.

Friday afternoon was spent in Washington, D. C. at the United States Congress.  Each board member visited the offices of their respective United States Senators and Representatives.  The purposes of the Congressional visits were to inform Members about the organization’s name change and to ask for support for the competitive grants program for school-based agricultural education at the secondary and 2-year postsecondary levels of instruction.

 Saturday, February 24, 1998; 8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

The first part of Saturday morning was spent in board committee meetings.  The Member Services, Legislative Affairs, Public Relations, and Diversity committee met.

1.  Call to Order - President Duane Fisher called the meeting to order at 10:35 a.m. and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Each board member gave a brief report on their Congressional visits from the previous day.  It was generally agreed that this was excellent use of the board’s time and that Congressional visits should be included each time the board meets in the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area.

 2.  Approval of Agenda - The agenda was approved with flexibility to change.

 3.  Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings - Mike Cox moved to approve the minutes from the December 8-9, 1997 board meeting, the December 10-13, 1997 business meetings, and the December 13, 1997 board meeting.  The motion was seconded by Russell Watson.  The spelling of Nick Siddle’s name was corrected in the December 13, 1997 minutes.  The length of the position for the NAAE representative to the National FFA Alumni Council was clarified in the December 8-9, 1997 minutes.  The motion carried and the minutes were approved as corrected. 

4. Board Members’ Reports - Each board member gave a brief oral report regarding the happenings in their respective states and regions.  Duane Fisher handed out a copy of the report he planned to present at the National FFA Board of Directors meeting on January 26, 1997. 

5.  Executive Director’s Report - Jay Jackman suggested that NAAE should pay our share of transportation costs when NAAE activities are held in conjunction with the activities of other organizations.  Bryan Gause moved that NAAE offer to pay half of the transportation costs when NAAE meetings are held jointly with meetings of other organizations beginning with this current NAAE/FFA board meeting.  The motion was seconded by Marc Beitia.  The motion carried. 

6.  Membership Report - A membership report to date was presented and discussed.  Board members discussed the potential for increasing membership in their respective regions.  It was agreed that membership reports should be sent to the state association leaders monthly toward the end of the membership year.  Further, it was agreed that the board members should request directly to Connie Tyler a membership report that would indicate the previous year’s members who are not members in the current year.  Data sets on disk and mailing labels can be provided to the board members, upon their request, to facilitate personalized letters to encourage continued membership.

 7.  Financial Update - Jay Jackman reviewed the two previous monthly financial statements with the board.  As soon as all verified convention related expenses and revenue are included in the financial report, copies will be sent to the board and the finance committee members.

 8.  The Council Postsecondary Position - The candidates submitted for the postsecondary teacher position on The National Council for Agricultural Education board were Mike Grider, Red River Area Vo-Tech School, Oklahoma, Region II; Ned Miller, Kirkwood Community College, Iowa, Region III; and Terry Hughes, SUNY Cobleskill, New York, Region VI.  The NAAE board members ranked these candidates 1, 2, or 3.  Terry Hughes was the highest ranked candidate.  Terry Hughes’ name will be passed on to The Council as our recommendation for the postsecondary teacher position.

9.  NAAE Representative to FFA Board - The candidates submitted for the USDE representative position (Region I ag teacher) on the Board of Directors of the National FFA Organization were Elaine Lewis, Yelm High School, Washington; Tom Klein, Spring Creek High School, Nevada; Nick Siddle, Sheridan High School, Wyoming; and John Morgan, Chino Valley High School, Arizona.  The NAAE board members ranked these candidates 1, 2, 3, and 4.  The three highest ranked candidates were Elaine Lewis, Tom Klein, and Nick Siddle.  These names will be passed on to USDE as our three recommendations for this position.  USDE will make the final selection after interviewing each of these candidates.

10.  Meeting Travel - Official NAAE travel for the next year was discussed.  The following meeting travel was approved.

a.  Regional Leadership Conferences - either the president, president elect, or executive director will attend the regional conferences as well as the respective regional vice president, as follows:

Region I - April 22-25; Salt Lake City, UT; Duane Fisher

Region II - June 21-24; Hammond, LA; Duane Fisher

Region III - June 14-17; Red Wing, MN; Tom Kremer

Region IV - June 23-25; Coshocton, OH; Tom Kremer

Region V - June 21-24; Charleston, SC; Jay Jackman

Region VI - May 7-9; Norwich, CT; Jay Jackman

 b.  PAS Meeting - Mike Cox and Barb Hansen will attend the PAS meeting in Williamsburg, VA, March 11-14.  The NAAE responsibility is to judge and present the Outstanding PAS Advisor award.

c.  NFRBMEA Meeting - The National Farm and Ranch Business Management Education Association has offered a $500 travel stipend to attend the 1998 annual meeting for a NAAE member who is a full-time adult instructor and who has not attended the NFRBMEA annual meeting previously.  NAAE board members agreed to send nominations to the NAAE office by March 1.  The nominations will be distributed to the NAAE board for selection of one person to receive the travel stipend.

 Russell Watson moved, James Dawley seconded, to reimburse Duane Fisher for his travel expenses to attend the NFRBMEA meeting as well.  The motion carried.

 d. MANNRS Meeting - Marc Beitia moved, Mike Cox seconded, to have Jay Jackman attend the 1998 MANNRS meeting, set up a booth for NAAE, and evaluate the value of continuous NAAE participation in the MANNRS meeting.  The motion carried.

e.  American Farm Bureau - It was agreed that the executive director would check out the cost associated with NAAE having a booth at the American Farm Bureau meeting and report back to the board at the July board meeting.

 f.  AVA National Policy Seminar - It was agreed that Jay Jackman would attend the AVA National Policy Seminar for NAAE this year and that NAAE would participate in the open house at the AVA headquarters during the seminar.

 11.  Council Update - Dr. Rosco Vaughn presented an update on The Council activities and projects.  Highlights included the announcement of Melissa Lewis as the new PGS Project Director, spring Council board meeting will be April 2-4 at the AVA building (the new Ag Ed National Headquarters), and the fall Council meeting will be October 15-18 (location to be announced).

12.  1997 NVATA Convention Review - It was generally agreed that the 1997 convention was a great success.  Jay Jackman reviewed the list of comments that were provided at the post-convention board meeting on December 13.

13.  1998 NAAE Convention Planning - Based on recommendations following the 1997 convention, it was agreed to begin the 1998 convention with the board meeting on Monday night rather than Monday at Noon.  The board will meet all day on Tuesday.  The committee chair orientation will be on Wednesday morning.  The executive director evaluation will occur at a board meeting following the convention.  The business session procedures will be streamlined.  The state presidents workshop will be expanded.

        James Dawley moved, Linda Rist seconded, to empower the anniversary committee to move forward working with the NAAE office staff on anniversary activities including convention plans and activities.  The motion carried.  It was agreed that the gala would be “black tie optional” and that the board would dress formal.

        It was suggested that NAAE provide complimentary registration fees to committee chairs and vice chairs.  It was agreed that this would be discussed at the regional leadership conferences and a final decision would be made at the July board meeting.  Jay Jackman suggested that if NAAE were to provide complimentary registration fees for this group of people, that the registration fee would need to be increased to cover the additional expense.

        1998 convention planning will continue at The Council board meeting in April when representatives from the AVA Ag Ed Division, NAAE, NASAE, and AAAE will meet together to do convention planning.

14.  1998 Regional Leadership Conferences—It was agreed that the following materials would be provided at the regional leadership conferences:  proposed budget, convention schedule, certificates, logo slicks, and all other materials that were provided last year.

It was also agreed to discuss the idea of providing all NAAE awards applications and information on the NAAE homepage rather than distributing by mail.

15.  Committee Reports and Approvals

a.  Policy and Bylaws - James Dawley presented the Policy and Bylaws Committee report.  Tom Kremer moved to adopt the report.  The motion was seconded by Linda Rist.  The motion carried.

b.  Finance - Bryan Gause presented the Finance Committee report.  Tom Kremer moved to adopt the report.  The motion was seconded by Mike Cox.  The motion carried. 

c.  Member Services - Russell Watson presented the Member Services Committee report.  Bryan Gause moved to adopt the report.  The motion was seconded by Mike Cox.  The motion carried.

16.  USDE Update - Dr. Larry Case presented an update from the U.S. Department of Education.  Highlights included the USDA/USDE partnership progress, pleased with the reorganization of The Council, congratulations to NAAE on the name change, and agricultural education goals.

President Fisher adjourned the meeting for the day at 4:45 p.m.  Evening activities were the 6:30 p.m. Orientation for New FFA Board Members and the 8:00 p.m. “Build Your Own Sundae” Reception with the FFA Board of Directors at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia.

 Sunday, February 25, 1998; 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

 President Fisher reconvened the board meeting at 8:12 a.m. on Sunday, February 25.

 1.  Committee Reports and Approvals

a.   Legislative Affairs - Linda Rist presented the Legislative Committee report.  Linda Rist moved to adopt the report.  The motion was seconded by Marc Beitia.  The motion carried.

b.  Public Relations - Marc Beitia presented the Public Relations Committee report.  Marc Beitia moved to adopt the report.  The motion was seconded by Linda Rist.  Mike Cox moved to amend the motion by pulling the logo design approval out of the original motion with the intention of handling the logo design as a separate agenda item.  Russell Watson seconded the amendment.  The amendment carried.  The motion as amended carried.

 c.  Diversity - Mike Cox presented the Diversity Committee report.  Mike Cox moved to adopt the report.  The motion was seconded by Bryan Gause.  The motion carried.

2.  NAAE Logo Approval - Linda Rist moved for the executive director to work out logo samples using the USA concept with variations of teal as the base color – the samples would then be distributed to the board members for final approval.  Bryan Gause seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

 3.  Strategic Planning Committee - The Strategic Planning Board Committee, which consists of all of the NAAE board members, discussed the following:

NAAE Letterhead Design - Marc Beitia moved, Bryan Gause seconded, that the new NAAE letterhead include the Ag Ed National Headquarters logo and tagline and the anniversary tagline.  The motion carried.

Marshall Stewart Survey - A survey instrument addressing the possible reorganization of the three ag ed professional organizations was discussed.  Marc Beitia moved, Mike Cox seconded, that we recommend to Marshall Stewart that all NAAE members be asked to respond to the survey and that the NAAE all-member mailing is one mechanism for doing the mailing of the instrument.  The motion carried.

Strategic Planning - Bryan Daniel presented a plan for conducting strategic planning for NAAE using phone, fax, e-mail, and conference calls and based on the Reinventing Ag Ed for 2020 project.  Marc Beitia moved, James Dawley seconded, to move forward on the plan presented by Jay Jackman and Bryan Daniel with a six-month time line.  The motion carried.

1999 Budget - Marc Beitia moved, Linda Rist seconded, that prior to the regional meetings in April, May, and June, the next year’s budget, beginning July 1, be finalized; and that regional finance committees provide input on the budget that will take effect one year from the following July 1; and that regions continue to have input into the following year’s budget at the NAAE convention; and that the board will approve the following year’s budget at a board meeting following the NAAE convention.  The motion carried. 

[For example:  the board approved budget for 1998-99 will be presented and discussed at the 1998 regional meetings.  However, because the 1998-99 budget is already board approved, members attending regional meetings will not have input into the development of the 1998-99 budget; rather, they will have input into 1999-2000 budget planing.  Discussion of the 1999-2000 budget will continue at the annual convention.  The board will approve the 1999-2000 budget at a board meeting following the convention but prior to the 1999 regional meetings.  This cycle will continue for subsequent years.]

Committee Orientation Document - It was agreed that Jay Jackman will write a committee orientation document with examples of what is “management” and what is “leadership (policy)” and that the document will include sections on member input and board member action and that the document will include an evaluation of committee effectiveness.

Board Member Information - It was agreed that both school and home information for board members will be printed on business cards and in the NAAE directory; however, only school information will be posted on the home page.

Strategic Planning Committee Report—Refer to the Strategic Planning Committee Report for additional information regarding the actions during this board meeting.

 4.  Adjournment—With no further business to be transacted, James Dawley moved to adjourn the meeting.  Mike Cox seconded the motion.  The motion carried. 

                        President Fisher adjourned the meeting at 11:00 a.m.