NAAE Conference Call
December 27, 1999

Members Present: Mike Cox, Paul Jaure, Sue Poland, James Dawley, Chuck Stranberg, Bryan Gause and Ray Chelewski.

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Cox at approximately 2:00 EST. 

Mike Cox began the meeting by reading a prepared statement sharing his concerns and expectations of the NAAE Board.  Discussion and questions followed. 

Bryan Gause moved, James Dawley seconded, the NAAE host a workshop at the National 4-H Conference in April.  The theme will be a career in Ag Education, and the NAAE booth will be displayed if cost appropriate.  Sue Poland agreed to make the contacts with Curt Friedel and try to get this accomplished at a minimum cost.  Motion passed 8-0. 

Mike then discussed the executive director evaluation.  The forms will be mailed out to the 1999 Board, completed, and returned to Tom Kremer for tabulation. 

Mike announced the spring Board meeting will be held in the Washington, DC area March 5-7, 2000, with Board members arriving March 4th, ready to work early on Sunday.  Tuesday will be set for Congressional visits, and departure can be scheduled for early Tuesday afternoon. 

Bryan Gause moved, Sue Poland seconded, the FY 2001 budget be reworked to meet the Finance committee recommendations of a 3% set aside.  Motion passed. 

Bryan Gause moved, Chuck Stranberg seconded, nine NAAE Upper Division Scholarships be given in the amount of $750.00.  Motion passed 8-0. 

Discussion then centered on representation at the PAS conference.  Chuck Stranberg volunteered for this duty. 

The board was cautioned to make sure that the state associations are aware the 2000 NAAE convention hotel is the Holiday Inn on the Bay.  There are several different Holidays Inns with similar names.

Ray Chelewski moved to rescind the following part of the motion he made at the December 14, 1999 board meeting in Orlando.  The following items need to be in the hands of the NAAE Board of Directors by the end of January, 2000; a financial summary of convention expenses and incomes.  The motion passed 8-0. 

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:30 p.m.