NAAE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2000

The NAAE Board of Directors conducted a post-convention board meeting on December 6, 2000 at the Holiday Inn on the Bay in San Diego, California.

All members of the newly elected board of directors were present including: Paul Jaure (TX), President; Bryan Gause (IN), President Elect; Sue Poland (ID), Region I Vice President; Larry Long (OK), Region II Vice President; Chuck Stranberg (MN), Region III Vice President; Jeff Maierhofer (IL), Region IV Vice President; Roger Teeple (NC), Region V Vice President; and Sarah Osborn Welty (MD), Region VI Vice President. Five of the six alternate vice presidents were present for the meeting including: Earl Williams (OR), Region I Alternate Vice President; Benny Bell (LA), Region II Alternate Vice President; Paul Larson (WI), Region III Alternate Vice President; Harold Eckler (MO), Region IV Alternate Vice President; and Terry Hughes (NY), Region VI Alternate Vice President. Jay Jackman (VA), NAAE Executive Director, was also present.

The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

1.  Call to Order by New President—President Paul Jaure called the meeting to order at 1:45 p.m. and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.  Seating of Newly Elected Officers—President Paul Jaure seated the newly elected regional vice presidents, Larry Long for Region II and Jeff Maierhofer for Region IV. President Jaure also welcomed the newly elected alternate vice presidents.

3.  Next Board of Directors Meeting Plans—It was agreed that the next board meeting would be held in conjunction with the National Ag Ed Inservice and Summit scheduled in Indianapolis, Indiana for February 8-10, 2001. The NAAE board would meet prior to (February 7 beginning at 4:00 p.m. and February 8 ending before the inservice meeting begins) and following (February 11 ending about 12:00 Noon) the inservice meeting. It was agreed that the primary focus of this board meeting would be to develop a NAAE restructuring plan in accordance to the directives from the Strategic Planning Committee in San Diego. If another spring board meeting is necessary, suggested dates were March 28-31 in a location to be decided by Paul Jaure and Jay Jackman.

4.  Dates and Locations of 2001 Regional Leadership Conferences—Here are the dates and locations of the 2001 regional conferences.

Region I – Carmel, CA – April 25-28 (Jay to attend)
Region II – Hot Springs, AR – June 17-20 (Paul to attend)
Region III – Chamberlain, SD – June 19-21 (Jay to attend)
Region IV – Grand Rapids, MI – June 26-28 (Paul to attend)
Region V – Haines City, FL – June 24-27 (Bryan to attend)
Region VI – Baltimore, MD – July 6-9 (Bryan to attend)

5.  National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees—The NAAE representatives to the National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees consist of the president elect and one of the two senior regional vice presidents. It was agreed that Bryan Gause and Sarah Osborn Welty would be the two representatives to the Foundation Trustees for 2001.

6.  Adjournment—With no further official business to be transacted, President Paul Jaure declared the meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.