NAAE Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 8, 1998


 During tThe NAAE Board of Directors conducted a board meeting on December 8, 1998 at The Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana.  All members of the board and the executive director were present for the meeting including:  Duane Fisher (IA), President; Tom Kremer (OH), President Elect; Marc Beitia (ID), Region I Vice President; James Dawley (TX), Region II Vice President; Linda Rist (SD), Region III Vice President; Bryan Gause (IN), Region IV Vice President; Russell Watson (TN), Region V Vice President; Mike Cox (VA), Region VI Vice President; Sue Poland (ID), Region I Alternate Vice President; Rodney Weidower (AR), Region II Alternate Vice President; Barb Hansen (IA), Region III Alternate Vice President; Jeff Maierhofer (IL), Region IV Alternate Vice President; Gwyne Ellis (FL), Region V Alternate Vice President; Ray Chelewski (ME), Region VI Alternate Vice President; and Jay Jackman (VA), Executive Director.  The minutes of the meeting are as follows: 

1.  Welcome and Board Member Updates - President Duane Fisher called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m. on Tuesday, December 8, 1998 and welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Board members presented brief updates of their NAAE activities since the last board meeting. 

2.  Adjustments to and Approval of the Agenda - Following minor adjustments to the agenda, Linda Rist moved, Russell Watson seconded, to adopt the board meeting agenda with flexibility to change as necessary.  Motion passed unanimously. 

3.  Approval of Minutes of July 19-21, 1998 Board Meeting and September 28, 1998 Conference Call - Russell Watson moved, Marc Beitia seconded, to approve the minutes from the July 19-21, 1998 NAAE Board of Directors meeting and the September 28, 1998 conference call.  Motion passed unanimously. 

4.  Review of Board Book Contents - Jay Jackman talked the board through the board books for the meeting. 

5.  Council Report - A Council report was included in the board books.  NAAE board members agreed to invite a Council board member to attend their regional meetings and present a report from the Council. 

6.  Membership Report and Delegate Counts - Jay Jackman presented this report, which was included in the board books. 

7.  Unreported 1998-99 State Officers - Jay Jackman presented a report that showed the states that had not reported their state officers to the NAAE office.  The Directory of National and State Officers has not yet been sent out.  The board instructed Jay Jackman to get the directory out immediately even if every state has not reported their officers to the NAAE office. 

8.  NAAE Positions on the FFA Alumni Council, the NYFEA Board of Directors, the Adult Education Representation on The Council Board, and the FFA Board of Directors Teacher Position from Region VI - It was agreed to wait until the post-convention board meeting on Saturday afternoon to handle this item of business. 

  9.  Review of 1998 National FFA Convention - Jay Jackman gave a brief report on the NAAE activities at the 1998 National FFA Convention.  It was agreed that the NAAE activities at the convention were a great success.  For future conventions, it was suggested that the entire board not stand on the stage during the NAAE/teacher recognition session on the main stage. 

Suggestions related to the Career Show booth included getting some of our scholarship winners to work in the booth, use current photos on the tabletop display that indicate a full range of diversity, use photos of NAAE award winners and award-winning members in the display, and continue to give away buttons. 

Suggestions related to the reception for the Honorary American FFA Degree recipients included NAAE board taking a more active role, meeting and greeting degree recipients back stage, and directing recipients to the reception. 

10.  Financial Update and Review - Jay Jackman presented a report on the 1997-98 NAAE finances.  Jay Jackman agreed to work with the Finance Committee chair and consultant in preparation for their committee meeting and to attend the first session of that committee meeting to answer questions. 

11.  Review of 1998 NAAE Convention 

a.  Sponsors List - Duane Fisher encouraged all board members to write thank you letters to the sponsors and for board members to encourage their regional winners to write letters as well.  A list of sponsors with names and addresses is printed in the annual report this year. 

b.  Convention Schedule - The overall convention schedule was reviewed and accepted. 

c.  Communications Plan - The communications plan (photography schedule in particular) was reviewed.  The professional photographer will shoot all photos except the individual photos at the regional meetings.  Individual photos at the regional meetings will be taken by a photographer from each region; Marc Beitia, representing the Public Relations committee, is coordinating the individual photos. 

d.  Day-by-Day Event Review - The daily convention schedules were reviewed and agreed to.  Duane Fisher made meeting room set-up assignments and other assignments to the board members and alternate vice presidents. 

12.  Nominating Committee Report - Marc Beitia nominated Tom Kremer for 1998-99 NAAE President.  James Dawley moved, Russell Watson seconded, for nominations to cease.  The motion carried unanimously. 

Marc Beitia nominated Mike Cox for 1998-99 NAAE President Elect.  Mike Cox nominated Marc Beitia for 1998-99 NAAE President Elect.  Tom Kremer moved, James Dawley seconded, for nominations to cease.  The motion carried unanimously. 

13.  Leadership Handbook - Jay Jackman presented the newest version of the NAAE Leadership Handbook.  The handbook will be photocopied and distributed -- one copy per state -- during the state leaders workshop on Wednesday morning during the convention. 

14.  Foundation Workshops - Jay Jackman led a discussion about the summer professional development workshops, most of which are special projects of the National FFA Foundation.  A plan is needed to increase participation in the workshops; else, they will be discontinued.  This was referred to the Members Service committee for further discussion. 

15.  Adjournment - With no further official business to be conducted, the meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m.