NAAE Board of Directors Meeting
February 7, 8, 9 & 11, 2001

The NAAE Board of Directors conducted a board meeting February 7, 8, 9 and 11, 2001. Most board session were held at the National FFA Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. One session was held at the University Place Hotel and Conference Center, also in Indianapolis. All members of the board and the executive director were present for the meeting including: Paul Jaure (TX), President; Bryan Gause (IN), President Elect; Sue Poland (ID), Region I Vice President; Larry Long (OK), Region II Vice President; Chuck Stranberg (MN), Region III Vice President; Jeff Maierhofer (IL), Region IV Vice President; Roger Teeple (NC), Region V Vice President; Sarah Osborn Welty (MD), Region VI Vice President; and Jay Jackman (VA), Executive Director. Sue Poland was absent from the Friday afternoon/evening session due to an airline delay. Guests who attended portions of the meeting included: Mike Cox, NAAE Immediate Past President; Bernie Staller, Anna Melodia, Kent Schescke, National FFA Organization and Foundation; and Dr. Larry Case, U. S. Department of Education. The minutes of the meeting are as follows.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001; 4:00 – 6:30 p.m.

  1. Call to Order—President Paul Jaure called the meeting to order at 4:10 p.m. and welcomed the board members to the meeting. Sue Poland was absent from this session due to an unexpected airline delay.
  2. Additions to Agenda—Paul Jaure announced that Bernie Staller, Anna Melodia, and Kent Schescke would meet with the board first thing Thursday morning. Following the FFA staff, Mike Cox would meet with the board on Thursday morning to conduct the evaluation of the executive director.

    Paul Jaure also asked all board members to study the pages in the board book regarding planning for the 2001 NAAE Convention and be prepared to discuss this at a future NAAE board meeting or conference call.

  3. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings—The minutes from the December 1-2, 2000 pre-convention board meeting, the December 3, 4, and 6, 2000 convention business sessions, and the December 6, 2000 post-convention board meeting were presented. One correction was made to the December 1-2, 2000 pre-convention board meeting minutes (opening paragraph, last sentence, change the word "expected" to "unexpected"). Sarah Osborn Welty moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Larry Long seconded the motion. The motion carried.
  4. Membership Report—The board reviewed the current NAAE membership status for the 2000-01 membership year. The board members were urged to contact their respective state association leaders to encourage them to increase their membership and to get their rosters and membership payments in to the NAAE office as soon as possible.
  5. Financial Report—The board reviewed the December 2000 financial compilation. It was made clear that all of the 2000 NAAE Convention financial transactions were not completed at the time of this report. The board also reviewed the status of the upper division scholarship fund. Board members were encouraged to write thank you letters to the major sponsors for the auction held during the 2000 NAAE Convention. During the January 2001 National FFA Board meeting, the NAAE executive committee agreed to use the proceeds from the auction in San Diego to support fifteen $800 scholarships for upper division university students who plan to become agriculture teachers.
  6. Board Appointments—Three board appointments were discussed including the NAAE appointments to the National Young Farmers Education Association (NYFEA), the National FFA Board of Directors, and Project Food, Land and People.
  7. NYFEA—The board discussed the support NAAE is now providing to NYFEA, which is $1,500 toward the travel expenses for an ag teacher appointed by the NAAE board of directors but who does not serve on the NAAE board to represent NAAE at the NYFEA board meetings. The NAAE board was eager to continue to support NYFEA; however, other options for supporting NYFEA were suggested as follows: 1) use a sitting NAAE board member as the ag teacher representative to the NYFEA board; 2) use a NAAE alternate vice president as the ag teacher representative to the NYFEA board; and 3) redirect this same level of funding to another NYFEA activity. Chuck Stranberg moved, Roger Teeple seconded, to conduct a conference call with the NAAE executive committee, Dr. Larry Case, and the NYFEA leadership to discuss and determine the best way for NAAE to support NYFEA. The motion carried.

    National FFA Board of Directors—Paul Jaure reported that the National FFA board was pleased with the three nominees the NAAE board provided for the Region II teacher position (one of the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) positions). The FFA board has interviewed the nominees and has made a recommendation to USDE. USDE has not yet made the final selection.

    Project Food, Land and People—Chuck Stranberg reported that he had discussed with Mark Linder the possibility of NAAE and Project Food, Land and People (FLP) sharing equally the travel expenses of the NAAE board member to participate in the FLP leadership meetings and that the NAAE board member serve a 2-year term with FLP. Sarah Osborn Welty moved, Larry Long seconded, that the NAAE executive director work with the FLP leadership to develop a Memorandum of Understanding between NAAE and FLP that would lay out the expectations of the two groups. The motion carried. It was also suggested that a piece on Ag Literacy be developed for News & Views that would lay out all of the players in ag literacy (FLP, Ag in the Classroom, Ag Council of America, etc.).

  8. 2001 Board Travel—In addition to the spring and summer NAAE regional meetings, the board decided to have NAAE participate in the following meetings: PAS, Chuck Stranberg; National Farm and Ranch Business Management Education Association (NFRBNEA), Chuck Stranberg; Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Renewable Sciences (MANRRS), Jay Jackman; American Farm Bureau Convention, Jay Jackman; Central States Ag Ed Conference (student teachers section), Jay Jackman; and National Ag in the Classroom Conference, Jay Jackman (and perhaps others).
  9. 2001 Summer Professional Development Workshops—Jay Jackman reported that some preliminary discussion has been engaged with the National FFA Foundation staff regarding ag teacher workshops for the summer of 2001; however, few details have been finalized. To date, Pioneer Hi-bred and Kent Feeds have indicated their interest in offering workshops this summer.
  10. 2001 Regional Conferences—The needs for the regional conferences were discussed. It was suggested that all regional vice presidents send Jay Jackman a copy of their regional meeting agendas from last year and that Jay develop a common template agenda that could be used in all regions this year. It was also agreed that the packets for the regional vice presidents would include a copy of the NAAE Bylaws; that the packets for the state presidents would include a copy of the NAAE Bylaws and a description of the features of the NAAE Capitol Advantage website; and that the packets for all conference participants would include a copy of the NAAE committee process and standard action item report form. The estimated number of conference participants for Region VI was increased to 65.

President Paul Jaure recessed the meeting at 6:20 p.m.

Thursday, February 8, 2001; 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

President Paul Jaure reconvened the board meeting at the National FFA Center at 8:30 a.m.

  1. State Relationship Manager Pilot Project—The board heard from Larry Case, Bernie Staller and Anna Melodia from the National FFA Organization regarding the state relationship manager pilot project. This pilot project will test the feasibility of having state relationship managers who will be responsible to represent all agricultural education activities (FFA, NAAE, Council, etc.) in respective states. The NAAE board participated in the discussion during this session. Official NAAE action was held until another board session later in this meeting.
  2. National FFA Foundation Presentation—Kent Schescke, National FFA Foundation, met with the board and informed the board of new developments at the Foundation. Kent also expressed his interest in establishing a close working relationship between NAAE and the National FFA Foundation.
  3. Executive Session—The board went into executive session to conduct the evaluation of the executive director. Mike Cox joined the meeting to lead this discussion.
  4. Summer NAAE Board Meeting— It was agreed that the summer 2001 NAAE board meeting would be held in New Orleans at the Hotel Monteleone beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, July 20, 2001 and concluding at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, July 23, 2001.
  5. National FFA Finals Judging—All board members and alternate vice presidents will be getting invitations to serve as national FFA finals judges in Indianapolis, Indiana during July 29 – August 1. It was especially encouraged that the alternate vice presidents participate in this experience.
  6. Committee Reports
  7. a.  Legislative Affairs—Chuck Stranberg, chair, presented the report and moved for adoption of the report. Roger Teeple seconded the motion. The motion carried.

    b.  Diversity—Sue Poland, chair, presented the report and moved for adoption of the report. Chuck Stranberg seconded the motion. The motion carried.

    c.  Finance—Jeff Maierhofer, chair, presented a partial report until time for this board session expired. This report was continued at the board session on Sunday, February 11, 2001.

President Paul Jaure recessed the board meeting at 1:05 p.m.

Friday, February 9, 2001; 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

President Paul Jaure reconvened the board meeting at 5:30 p.m. at the University Place Hotel and Conference Center, the site of the 2001 National Agricultural Education Inservice and Summit.

  1. Executive Session—This session opened with an executive session to continue the evaluation of the executive director.
  2. Executive Director Salary Adjustment—Bryan Gause moved, Roger Teeple seconded, to provide a salary increase of four percent of the base salary for the executive director beginning July 1, 2001. The motion carried.

    Bryan Gause moved, Sarah Osborn Welty seconded, to commend Mike Cox for conducting a very professional and effective evaluation of the executive director. The motion carried.

  3. NAAE Strategic Planning – Potential Restructuring of the NAAE Board of Directors—Prior to this board meeting, the NAAE board members reviewed the Strategic Planning Committee report from the 2000 NAAE Convention. The board members brought to this meeting their suggestions for addressing the recommendations laid out at the 2000 convention. Following substantial discussion, the NAAE board agreed on the following plan:
  4. NAAE Board of Directors Restructuring Plan
    February 2001

    Background: During the 1999 NAAE Convention in Orlando, Florida, a plan on merging the three professional organizations in agricultural education was put before the NAAE Strategic Planning Committee for their input and hopeful endorsement. This plan was rejected by the NAAE committee; however, there was broad sentiment that much could be gained by restructuring the NAAE board of directors to include the perspectives of preservice teacher education and statewide coordination of agricultural education. During the NAAE regional meetings in 2000, several NAAE restructuring plans were developed by respective regions. At the July 2000 NAAE board meeting, a simplified plan for restructuring was formulated. This plan was submitted to the Strategic Planning Committee at the 2000 NAAE Convention in San Diego, California. After much lengthy discussion, the committee decided that a more thorough plan needed to be developed but that the basic intent should be preserved of expanding board positions to encompass more of the membership base of NAAE.

    Rationale: Although NAAE active membership has long been inclusive of agricultural educators who are not middle school or high school classroom teachers, it has been felt that the organization offers few opportunities for non-classroom teachers to fulfill active leadership roles within the organization. Further, and more importantly, the perspectives of non-classroom teachers have been lacking in the NAAE decision making process. NAAE’s policies and bylaws allow any active member to assume leadership positions; however, the organization is viewed as an "ag teacher" group. Thus, non-classroom teachers have been hesitant to seek leadership roles. It is the intent of this restructuring process to expand the NAAE board membership to be more inclusive of all groups having active membership in the organization including state supervisors of agricultural education, university faculty who serve as agricultural education teacher educators, and postsecondary/full-time adult agricultural education instructors.

    Current Board Structure: Currently, the NAAE board consists of a president, president elect, and six regional vice presidents (one from each of the six NAAE regions). In order to be a candidate for president elect, one must have completed at least one year as a regional vice president; however, most regional vice presidents choose to complete their full 3-year term before becoming a candidate for president elect. Following the completion of the term as regional vice president, the retired regional vice president is eligible to be a candidate for president elect for three additional years. Typically, the president elect rises to the office of president (although such is not guaranteed in the NAAE bylaws).

    Proposed Board Structure: The proposed board structure would preserve the current structure, including procedures for being elected to the offices of president elect and president. However, three new board positions would be created to represent each of the aforementioned areas, specifically: state agricultural education supervision; agricultural education teacher education; and postsecondary/full-time adult agricultural education instruction. These three board positions would be elected from the active NAAE members from the respective three groups. (That is, state agricultural education supervisors who are active members of NAAE would elect their representative to the NAAE board, agricultural education teacher educators who are active members of NAAE would elect their representative to the NAAE board, and postsecondary/full-time adult instructors who are active members of NAAE would elect their representative to the NAAE board.) These three positions would not be eligible to become candidates for president elect or president since they were not elected by the entire NAAE active membership (who are represented at the convention by official voting delegates). However, any active member who represents one of these three groups is eligible to run for a regional vice president position and then run for president elect and president. It is further suggested that these three positions be elected to 1-year terms, but that an individual may be elected for up to three consecutive years.

    Sarah Osborn Welty moved, Roger Teeple seconded, to include this plan as a component of the Strategic Plan to be carried to the NAAE regional meetings in the spring and summer of 2001. The motion carried by a vote of six to one (with Larry Long casting the nay vote). It was agreed that this plan would be presented at the six NAAE regional meetings this spring and summer and that NAAE members be asked to respond to the plan during those meetings. Along with the actual plan, the board decided that the following topics should be addressed at the regional meetings: NAAE budget implications, length of terms of new board members; description of duties of new board members; a board-completed SWOTS analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats); implementation dates; and election procedures. Using the input from the NAAE regional meetings, the board will then finalize the plan that will be presented as a bylaws change at the 2001 NAAE Convention in New Orleans.

    The board also agreed to present a separate bylaws change proposal to the delegates at the 2001 NAAE Convention that would clarify the current language related to eligibility to serve on the NAAE board of directors.

Paul Jaure recessed this board session at 7:00 p.m.

Sunday, February 11, 2001; 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

President Paul Jaure reconvened the board meeting at the National FFA Center at 8:30 a.m.

  1. Committee Reports
  2. a.  Strategic Planning—Bryan Gause moved, Jeff Maierhofer seconded, to adopt the Strategic Planning Committee report as presented during the Friday, February 9, 2001 board session. The motion carried.  [This report is provided directly in these minutes -- see Friday, February 9, 2001.]

    b.  Finance—Jeff Maierhofer presented the remainder of the Finance Committee report (held over from the Thursday, February 8, 2001 board session) and moved for adoption of the report. Chuck Stranberg seconded the motion. The motion carried.

    c.  Member Services—Roger Teeple, chair, presented the report and moved for adoption of the report. Larry Long seconded the motion. The motion carried.

    d.  Policy and Bylaws—Larry Long, chair, presented the report. Sarah Osborn Welty moved for adoption of the report. Roger Teeple seconded the motion. The motion carried.

    e.  Public Relations—Sarah Osborn Welty presented the report. Sue Poland moved for adoption of the report. Roger Teeple seconded the motion. The motion carried.

  3. 2001 NAAE Convention Theme—It was agreed that board members would send their ideas for a convention theme to Jay Jackman by February 23, 2001.
  4. National Ag Ed Inservice and Summit—It was agreed that the NAAE board should encourage state associations to send teacher leaders to the inservice in future years.
  5. NAAE Office Restructuring—A lengthy discussion was held regarding the current staffing of the NAAE office. Bryan Gause moved, Sarah Osborn Welty seconded, that in order to better facilitate member services and be more fiscally responsible, the board directs the NAAE executive director to investigate restructuring the NAAE office to include duties for office management including some level of in-house accounting services and member communications and report back to the board on or before the July 2001 board meeting. Roger Teeple moved to amend the motion, seconded by Chuck Stranberg, by adding that the executive director will also develop a job description for the executive director position and that Mike Cox be asked to assist in this process. The amendment carried. The motion as amended carried.
  6. 2000 NAAE Convention Follow-up—Sue Poland moved, Roger Teeple seconded, that NAAE make a $200 donation to the El Capitan FFA Chapter and provide an appreciation plaque to the school as expressions of thanks for the work they did in helping to make the 2000 NAAE Convention a great success. The motion carried.
  7. Regional NAAE Committees—It was agreed that the NAAE office would provide copies of the seven NAAE standing committee history books (containing committee history for five years) to each regional vice president.
  8. Teacher Mentorship Awards Program—It was agreed that the executive director would write a proposal for a teacher mentorship awards program. The proposal will be written such that different levels of awards could be presented depending on the availability of sponsorships. Level One would offer certificates to state winners (similar to the current Teacher of Teacher Awards) and Level Two would offer regional awards with recognition at the NAAE convention (similar to the current NAAE citation awards programs).
  9. State Relationship Manager Pilot Project—Bryan Gause moved, Sarah Osborn Welty seconded, that NAAE support the State Relationship Manager Pilot Project with the understanding that there are concerns from many of the NAAE board members. The motion carried.
  10. 2002 NAAE Convention Planning—The executive director was authorized to begin to seek a location for the 2002 NAAE Convention in Las Vegas with the first priority to hold the convention overlapping the ACTE convention.
  11. 2001 National FFA Convention—Thanks to Scott Stump, National FFA Convention Manager, NAAE has a block of 20 hotel sleeping rooms for the National FFA Convention. Following are the NAAE board members’ requests for the distribution of the 20 sleeping rooms:
  12. Paul Jaure -- 2 rooms
    Bryan Gause -- 2 rooms
    Sue Poland -- 4 rooms
    Larry Long -- 7 rooms
    Chuck Stranberg -- 1 rooms
    Jeff Maierhofer -- 0 rooms
    Roger Teeple -- 3 rooms
    Sarah Osborn Welty -- 0 rooms
    Jay Jackman -- 1 room
  13. AgKnowledge Magazine—The board wondered about the status of the proposal to begin AgKnowledge Magazine. Jay Jackman agreed to research this to get a progress report.
  14. Next Meeting – Conference Call—It was agreed that the board would conduct a conference call on March 18, 2001 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
  15. President Paul Jaure had to leave the meeting a few minutes early to get to the airport. President Elect Bryan Gause presided over the meeting in Paul’s absence.

  16. Adjournment—With no further business to transact, Chuck Stranberg moved to adjourn. Jeff Maierhofer seconded the motion. The motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 p.m.