1996-97 NVATA Board of Directors

NVATA Board Conference Call Minutes
March 14, 1997


On March 14, 1997, the NVATA Board of Directors conducted a conference call from 4:30 to 6:10 p.m. Eastern. All board members except for Mike Cox were on the call. (Mike Cox could not connect due to technical difficulties with the conferencing facility.) Jay Jackman and Larry Case were also on the call. The minutes of the conference call are as follows:

  1. Opening Comments - Dr. Larry Case began the call with comments about the plans for the USDE Agricultural Education Career Cluster meeting scheduled for July 8-9, 1997. The Career Cluster meeting will precede the NVATA and The Council board meetings scheduled for July 10-12, 1997. The FFA board meeting is scheduled for July 12-16, 1997. MeeCee Baker suggested that a joint social gathering of the three boards be planned for Saturday night, July 12. Dr. Case then turned the meeting over to MeeCee Baker.
  2. Welcome - MeeCee Baker welcomed the board members to the call and thanked Dr. Case for his willingness to facilitate a series of conference calls for the NVATA board in lieu of the March NVATA board meeting. Dr. Case considers facilitating the conference calls as part of his role coordinating national agricultural education activities.

    In addition, MeeCee Baker polled the board and Dr. Case regarding dates and times for future NVATA board conference calls. (The board and Dr. Case had already agreed to a conference call (regarding regional leadership conferences) on March 18, 1997 from 4:30-6:00 p.m.) It was agreed that a conference call (regarding NVATA membership) would be on March 25, 1997 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. A conference call will also be scheduled for April 7, 1997 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. (regarding NVATA finances).

  3. Approval of Minutes from 1996 NVATA Convention - Duane Fisher suggested date corrections to the December 4, 5, and 7, 1996 business sessions minutes; the board agreed to the corrections. The minutes were approved as corrected.
  4. Action on Committee Issues from the 1996 NVATA Convention
    1. Appointment of Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs for 1997 NVATA Convention - The following individuals were appointed:



      Vice Chair

      Policy and Bylaws Tim Quiggins (KY) Elaine Lewis (WA)
      Member Services TBA TBA
      Legislative Affairs Monte Womack (OK) Lonnie Koepke (NE)
      Diversity Woody Pugh (AL) Susan Crank (OH)
      Finance Gary Hill (OK) Richard Aide (WI)
      Public Relations David Twente (MO) Rick Bockhop (WI)
      Strategic Planning Ray Chelewski (ME) William Fletcher (LA)
    2. Policy and Bylaws Committee Recommendations
      1. Include flow chart for committee work in handbook - It was agreed that a detailed description of committee operations would be included in the Leadership Handbook. (The Leadership Handbook will be distributed at the regional leadership conferences.)
      2. Analyze convention schedule as to committee work - The time allotted for committee work at the 1997 NVATA Convention will be two 1.5 hour sessions.
      3. Develop position statement in support of year-round employment/extended programming - Jay Jackman was asked to write a position statement on this issue based on the information provided in the committee report from the 1996 convention. The position statement will be distributed at the regional leadership conferences.
      4. Mail member materials sooner - It was agreed that committee materials, agendas and supporting documents, be mailed to committee members sooner so that committee members have more time to prepare for the committee meetings.
    3. Membership Committee Recommendations
      1. Activate scholarship program from auction proceeds - Duane Fisher moved, Tom Kremer seconded, that NVATA begin a scholarship program for college juniors and seniors majoring in agricultural education who plan to become ag teachers. Applicants must be student members of NVATA. NVATA will award four $500 scholarships. The application deadline will be September 1, 1997. The selection committee will be composed of the NVATA board members; in case of a conflict of interest (that is, if a NVATA board member has a former student who has applied for the scholarship), the alternate vice president in that respective region will replace the vice president on the selection committee. The motion carried.

        Jay Jackman will prepare the applications and have them available for distribution at the regional leadership conferences.

      2. Update travel agent status - Jay Jackman reported that the current travel agency (Washington Area Travel Service - WATS) was not effective at meeting planning, but they were trust worthy for booking flights for board members using the USAir travel card for direct billing of airline tickets to NVATA. For the short term, NVATA will continue to use WATS for air travel only. Jay Jackman will provide a list of pre-approved NVATA travelers for the spring and summer meetings. Jay Jackman will also do some additional research on travel agencies and report back to the board during the April 7, 1997 conference call.
      3. Develop outstanding postsecondary program award - The FFA Foundation Board of Trustees has approved the FFA Foundation staff to secure a sponsor for a new NVATA outstanding postsecondary and adult program award. MeeCee Baker has had a conversation with Tammy Meyer about the program. The FFA Foundation staff will be trying to secure a sponsor. In the meantime, we will have the NVATA Postsecondary All-Star Team recognition, which will provide plaque recognition to one outstanding postsecondary or adult program per region.
      4. Align award application with portfolios by 1998 - Jay Jackman will be prepared to deliver 30 minute workshops on portfolio development for agriculture teachers at the regional leadership conferences this spring and summer.
      5. Review and update the 12,000 by 2,000 campaign - Membership issues, including development of a new membership campaign, will be the topic of discussion for the March 25, 1997 NVATA board conference call. The alternate vice presidents will be invited to participate in that conference call. Jay Jackman will send out a letter encouraging all board members and alternate vice presidents to be thinking of creative ideas to promote NVATA membership.
    4. Legislative Affairs Committee Recommendations
      1. Update mailing list to include past national officers - It was agreed that NVATA will send minutes of all NVATA board meetings to past national NVATA officers from the past five years.
      2. Plan Hill function with senators/representatives/others who were FFA members - MeeCee Baker suggested that NVATA schedule Hill visits before the AVA Ag Ed Division Policy Committee meeting in 1998.
      3. Develop legislative phone tree - It was suggested that NVATA distribute State Legislative Phone Tree forms to states at the regional leadership conferences. The forms could be distributed at the same time as State Officer Rosters, with submission deadlines attached.
    5. Diversity Committee Recommendations
      (Held until March 18 conference call due to the unexpected difficulties of getting Mike Cox connected to the March 14 conference call; general comments from MeeCee Baker were as follows:)
      1. Intern Program - Financial woes will preclude a minority internship program unless sponsorship can be secured. Jay Jackman does have plans to hire a summer intern in 1997 to help with some of the writing tasks needed for the 1997 NVATA Convention; however, this will be a local (Virginia Tech) undergraduate or graduate student with excellent writing skills without regard to race/ethnicity.
      2. MANRRS Conference - Paul Jaure indicated his plans to attend the MANRRS Conference in Baton Rouge this year.
      3. List of Ag Educators with Experience with Diverse Students - More work needs to be done on this issue to determine what would be done with such a list if it were developed and distributed.
      4. H. O. Sargent Award - Applications for the H. O. Sargent Award will be distributed at the regional leadership conferences.
      5. Diversity Workshop at Convention - It was pointed out that NVATA had a diversity workshop at the 1996 NVATA Convention in Cincinnati. NVATA will continue to plan diversity workshops for ag teachers at the National FFA Convention and at state, regional, and national ag teachers¹ association meetings.
      6. Diversity Article in News & Views - Susan Crank (OH) has agreed to write a diversity article for the May 1997 issue of News & Views. A similar article may be submitted to the Ag Ed Magazine.
    6. Finance Committee Recommendations
      1. Recommend convention receipts and expenses be broken out from general operating format - The convention receipts and expenses are now being broken out from other general NVATA receipts and expenses. This financial reporting format will be continued.
      2. Ask Jay Jackman to continue to attend Finance Committee meetings to answer questions - Jay Jackman agreed to attend a portion of the Finance Committee meetings to field questions from the committee members.
      3. Develop clearer financial reports - NVATA¹s financial reports have improved in the past few years; we will continue to try to improve the reports to enhance members¹ understanding of NVATA finances.
      4. Encourage NVATA representatives to be available for comments at convention - Jay Jackman will send a special letter of invitation to NVATA representatives on non-NVATA committees and boards. These representatives will be invited to give reports. Sponsorship for cover travel expenses for these representatives will be sought continuously; however, it is understood that this type of sponsorship is very difficult to secure. It was suggested that these reports be presented in a workshop format to enhance the educational/informational value of the reports.
    7. Public Relations Committee Recommendations
      1. Leave 30 Minute Club requirements as they are currently - It was agreed that the requirements for the 30 Minute Club would not be changed.
      2. Limit sales items to five and include nice silk-screened polo shirt and get a sales page in the FFA catalog - Jay Jackman agreed to check with FFA staff regarding the possibility of selling NVATA items through the FFA catalog. Jay Jackman also agreed to check into the costs of a polo shirt with the NVATA logo.
      3. Develop a data base for possible ag ed students (potential ag teachers) - Jay Jackman is currently working with Greg Egan, and others, in the National FFA Organization on developing a system to secure names and addresses of high school students who are potential ag teachers, and doing structured follow-up with these students to facilitate their enrollment in agriculture teacher education programs in colleges and universities. Structured follow-up will include timely letters (and other materials) to the students from the National FFA Advisor, the NVATA president, a national FFA officer, and others. The data base can also be provided to colleges/universities and state ag teachers¹ associations.

        Jay Jackman also gave a report on the ³Teaching Opportunities² homepage that is currently available to help individuals learn about job opportunities teaching agricultural education. The homepage can be accessed by pointing a WWW browser to http://www.nvata.ffa.org. This is also a joint effort of the National FFA Organization and NVATA.

    8. Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations
      1. Update on location issue - Dr. Case discussed the potential functions of an ag ed headquarters. Jay Jackman added that it is good that the discussions are turning more toward functions of the headquarters rather than being limited to space, parking, money, and other logistical concerns.
  5. Other Convention Items - No additional items were mentioned related to the 1996 NVATA Convention.
  6. 1997 NVATA Convention - MeeCee Baker pointed out that the draft schedule for the 1997 NVATA Convention that was faxed to the board prior to the conference call was a working draft that would be considered at the AVA Agricultural Education Policy Committee meeting during March 15-16, 1997.

    A few suggestions were made to the draft schedule, including: (1) schedule an ³optional² third regional meeting, perhaps on Saturday; (2) increase the third business session time to Noon-3:00 p.m. on Saturday; (3) move the membership and PSA awards to the Gala; (4) have a past national officers reception prior to the Gala, instead of a dinner on some other night; (5) add a committee chair and vice chair orientation session on Tuesday afternoon; and (6) offer fewer professional development workshops.

    This schedule will be delivered to the AVA Ag Ed Policy Committee by MeeCee Baker, Duane Fisher, Tom Heffernan, and Jay Jackman. The schedule will be incorporated into the AVA Ag Ed Division convention schedule, to include AAAE and NASAE.

  7. PAS Conference Report
    (Due to lack of time, the PAS Conference Report was held until the March 18 conference call.)

  8. Adjournment - The conference call ended at 6:10 p.m. Eastern.