NAAE Board of Directors Conference Call Minutes
March 18, 2001

The NAAE Board of Directors conducted a conference call on March 18, 2001.  All members of the board and the executive director participated in the call including: Paul Jaure (TX), President; Bryan Gause (IN), President Elect; Sue Poland (ID), Region I Vice President; Larry Long (OK), Region II Vice President; Chuck Stranberg (MN), Region III Vice President; Jeff Maierhofer (IL), Region IV Vice President; Roger Teeple (NC), Region V Vice President; Sarah Osborn Welty (MD), Region VI Vice President; and Jay Jackman (VA), Executive Director.  Also on the call was Dr. Larry Case of the United States Department of Education.  The minutes of the meeting are as follows.

1.  Call to Order—President Paul Jaure called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. and welcomed the board members to the meeting.

2.  National Council of Agricultural Education March 2001 Board Meeting—Paul Jaure, Bryan Gause and Jay Jackman reported on the March 2001 Council board meeting.  Of major interest was the ACTE Ag Ed Division convention program planning.  For the 2001 convention, all ag ed division sessions will have to be in the convention center.  It will be a challenge to get all ag educators to the convention center for the general sessions.  No specific details have been worked out yet regarding the scheduling of ag ed division sessions.  Sarah Osborn Welty moved, Jeff Maierhofer seconded, that NAAE will ask the ACTE Ag Ed Division vice president to provide the ag ed division convention schedule by April 1, 2001, after which the NAAE board will proceed with the NAAE convention planning.  The motion carried.

3.  NAAE Board Restructuring Proposal —Prior to this board conference call, all board members were asked to evaluate the restructuring proposal by completing a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOTs) Analysis.  Paul Jaure asked all board members and staff to comment on the proposal and the SWOTs Analysis.  Specific comments follow:

Jay Jackman – caution regarding language used to refer to various categories of NAAE members, that is, beware of using terms such as “regular” and “other” members.  No negatives from the Central States Ag Ed Conference.

Sue Poland – plan is similar to Region I’s plan but budget implications will be a major concern.

Larry Long – budgetary concerns may be an issue with Region II.

Chuck Stranberg – no negatives from the PAS meeting but he anticipates questions regarding the election process.

Jeff Maierhofer – need good public relations campaign especially where the money will come from.

Roger Teeple – anticipates questions as to why is there a separate position for a postsecondary or full-time adult instructor given that NAAE has a strong history of having a postsecondary or full-time adult instructor on the board of directors already; also, will we have to have a dues increase.

Sarah Osborn Welty – good to have the extra representation but how to pay for it is a concern.

Bryan Gause – budget is a concern but if we are going to move NAAE forward, this is necessary.

Larry Case – be sure this is not seen as an effort to replace the Council.

It was agreed that Jay Jackman would ask Larry Case, Bernie Staller, Coleman Harris and Rosco Vaughn to complete the SWOTs Analysis to get their perspectives on the restructuring proposal.  It was further agreed that Jay Jackman will work on combining the comments from the SWOTs Analyses, add this into the proposal and get the proposal back to the board for final approval.

4.  Ideas Unlimited Sponsorship—Jay Jackman reported that Pfizer Animal Health will no longer sponsor the NAAE Ideas Unlimited Awards Program.  The division of the company from which the sponsorship came has been sold to another company.  The loss of this sponsor carries no negative reflections on NAAE or the National FFA Foundation.  Potential new sponsors are Philip Morris Corporation and a contact made by Paul Larson.  Roger Teeple moved, Chuck Stranberg seconded, that in case a new sponsor is not secured for this year, that the NAAE convention registration fee be increased by $10 ($5 for student members) so that the Ideas Unlimited program can be continued at its current level.  The motion carried.

5.  Approval of Minutes from February 7, 8, 9 and 11, 2001—Chuck Stranberg moved, Roger Teeple seconded, to approve the board meeting minutes from the board meeting dated February 7, 8, 9 and 11, 2001.  The motion carried.

6. Project Food, Land and People—It was agreed that Chuck Stranberg will attend the upcoming Project Food, Land and People meeting in May in North Carolina.  Roger Teeple may also attend the meeting if it fits into his schedule.

7.  Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences Conference—It was agreed that NAAE should continue to exhibit at the MANRRS Conference.  Larry Case, Jay Jackman and Paul Jaure will represent Team Ag Ed this year.

8.  NAAE Membership Survey—Jay Jackman asked the board to approve the membership survey to be conducted in conjunction with Dr. Carol Conroy at Cornell University.  By consensus, the board agreed.

9.  NAAE Office Restructuring—Jay Jackman reported that he was in the process of redefining the NAAE staff position descriptions.

10.  NAAE Region I Meeting—Legislative Affairs Presentation—Sue Poland requested that Jay Jackman include a legislative affairs presentation (15-20 minutes) in his NAAE Update at the NAAE Region I meeting in Carmel, California.  The Capital Advantage features on the NAAE website should be highlighted in the presentation.

11.  National FFA Board of Directors Position—It was reported that the United States Department of Education has not yet named the next teacher representative to the National FFA Board of Directors.  This decision is being held up by the referendum on federal programs imposed by the Bush administration.

12.  Next Conference Call—It was agreed that the next NAAE board conference call would be held on Thursday, April 12 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

13.  Adjournment—Paul Jaure adjourned the conference call meeting at 3:20 p.m.