1996-97 NVATA Board of Directors

NVATA Board Conference Call Minutes
March 25, 1997

On March 25, 1997, the NVATA Board of Directors conducted a conference call from 4:30 to 6:20 p.m. Eastern. All board members and alternate vice presidents were on the call, except Paul Jaure, Chuck Stranberg, and Ray Chelewski. Jay Jackman and Larry Case were also on the call. The minutes of the conference call are as follows:

  1. Opening Comments - Dr. Larry Case began with comments about FFA¹s expected move in date at the new FFA Center in Indianapolis. Because of unavoidable problems with construction, the move will probably begin about April 1998.

    Welcome - MeeCee Baker welcomed the group to the call, especially the alternate vice presidents.

  2. Follow-up on Previous Conference Calls - It was agreed that the transparencies to assist regional vice presidents should be prepared and sent to the vice presidents as soon as possible.
  3. Review Current NVATA Membership Statistics - The membership report faxed to the board on February 19, 1997 indicated a 350 member decrease in membership compared to the 1995-96 final membership count.
  4. Develop Strategies to Increase Membership Numbers for the 1996-97 Year - MeeCee Baker asked for comments regarding increasing membership. Comments included:

    Region I: hope professional liability insurance will boost membership in Region I; need membership packet especially for new members

    Region II: need something tangible to give members at the time they write their membership check

    Region III: personal contact is important; student members -- work with teacher training institutions

    Region IV: working with OVA and OVATA dues remitter; approach teachers at state FFA conventions

    Region V: hard to get teachers to pay dues this late in the membership year

    Region VI: stress student membership; speak to ag ed classes; send out membership reports to state leaders and the board starting in late fall

    Duane: personal contacts

    MeeCee: MeeCee and Jay will treat the regional vice president and alternate vice president with the highest regional percentage increase to dinner in Kansas City or Las Vegas

  5. Revisit the 12,000 by 2,000 Membership Drive - All agreed the 12,000 by 2,000 campaign should be revamped.
  6. Brainstorm Ideas for New Membership Drive and Promotional Materials - It was generally agreed that something should be put together for summer meetings, but that the members who attended the regional leadership conferences should have input into the new membership drive.

    Regions I, III, IV, and V requested lists of 1995-96 members who are not 1996-97 members so that letters could be sent to non-members.

    Duane suggested including the Annual Report with the materials for the regional meetings.

    Career Show Booth - Brenda, Sue, Marc, and Duane (chair) agreed to serve as a committee to plan the NVATA booth for the Ag Career Show at the FFA convention.

  7. Agenda Items for April 7 Conference Call Regarding Finances - All board members indicated they wanted three board meetings next year. It was generally agreed that it would be acceptable for NVATA to use FFA members¹ dues money to fund the NVATA office until NVATA is more financially secure.
  8. Other Items - Membership Roster/Information Collection - It was generally agreed to develop a new membership roster designed to collect more demographic information on our members.
  9. Adjournment - The conference call ended at 6:20 p.m. Eastern.