1996-97 NVATA Board of Directors

NVATA Board Conference Call Minutes
April 16, 1997

On April 16, 1997, the NVATA Board of Directors conducted a conference call from 4:30 to 5:55 p.m. Eastern. The purpose of the call was to discuss and take action on the proposals for establishing a headquarters location for agricultural education. All board members were on the call. Jay Jackman and Larry Case were also on the call. The minutes of the conference call are as follows:

  1. Opening Comments from Larry Case - MeeCee Baker asked Dr. Case to make some opening comments. Dr. Case gave a brief review of the three proposals regarding the location of an agricultural education headquarters (the proposals are attached). He stated that he hoped the parties involved in the headquarters location issue could bring closure to the issue soon so that planning could move forward. He said he would excuse himself from the conference call after Jay Jackmanšs comments so that the NVATA board could discuss all options freely.
  2. Opening Comments from Jay Jackman - MeeCee Baker asked Jay Jackman to make some opening comments. He talked about how proposal #3 got added to the mix and stated that he preferred proposal #3 because it would result in the earliest time for NVATA and The Council to operate independently from the National FFA Organization. Further, Jay Jackman said he believed NVATA should continue to work with The Council and support The Council because he believes The Council is best positioned to become the leadership group for agricultural education at the national level.
  3. Open Discussion - MeeCee Baker opened the floor for questions and comments regarding the headquarters location proposals. Questions were asked and answered and comments were heard.
  4. Action - Following an extended discussion, Duane Fisher moved, Paul Jaure seconded, that NVATA put proposal #3 as our first priority and that Jay Jackman be instructed to continue with negotiations regarding the agricultural education headquarters location. Motion carried.

    Dr. Case rejoined the call and congratulated the NVATA board on making a decision regarding the headquarters location issue.

  5. Adjournment - The conference call ended at 5:55 p.m. Eastern.