1996-97 NVATA Board of Directors

NVATA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
July 27-29, 1996

The NVATA Board of Directors conducted their summer board meeting on July 27-29, 1996 at the Ambassador Hotel - Amarillo in Amarillo, Texas. All members of the board and the executive director were present for the meeting including: Tom Heffernan, President (TX); MeeCee Baker, President Elect (PA); Marc Beitia, Region I Vice President (ID); Paul Jaure, Region II Vice President (TX); Duane Fisher, Region III Vice President (IA); Tom Kremer, Region IV Vice President (OH); Bobby Joslin, Region V Vice President (GA); Mike Cox, Region VI Vice President (VA); and Jay Jackman, Executive Director (VA). The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

    Saturday, July 27, 1996

  1. Call to Order - President Tom Heffernan called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m. He welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  2. Introduction of New Board Member - Tom Heffernan introduced Paul Jaure as a new board member. Paul replaced Lindell Duncan who has taken early retirement from teaching and has, therefore, relinquished his position on the NVATA board. Paul, as the current president of the Vocational Agricultural Teachers' Association of Texas (VATAT), welcomed the board to Amarillo and gave a brief synopsis of the activities that the NVATA board would be participating in during the VATAT meeting beginning Monday, July 30, 1996. Paul also gave an update on the current status of the VATAT and mentioned the most recent changes in the Texas state legislature that could have substantial effects on the VATAT.
  3. Agenda - Bobby Joslin moved, Duane Fisher seconded, to adopt the board meeting agenda with flexibility to change as necessary. Motion passed.
  4. Minutes from January 1996 - Duane Fisher moved, Tom Kremer seconded, to approve the minutes from the January 1996 NVATA Board of Directors meeting. MeeCee asked for a correction in the spelling of Roy Maurer's name. Motion passed.
  5. Review of Board Books - Additions to the Board Books for this meeting included the letters of intent and resumes of two additional regional nominees (Roy Beck and Billy Shane Scott) for one of the two NVATA positions on the National FFA Career Development Event Advisory Committee.
  6. Executive Director's Report - Jay Jackman presented an oral executive director's report. Jay thanked the board for the confidence they have expressed to him in his first five months as NVATA Executive Director. Jay spoke of the challenges NVATA has faced in the past five months since he was hired, but he added that the challenges have only just begun given the recent decision of the FFA Board to relocate the FFA Business Operations to an as yet undisclosed distance location. Jay challenged the NVATA board members to be thinking about the role NVATA should play in providing national leadership for agricultural education. This topic will be discussed in greater detail later during this board meeting (most likely on Sunday afternoon).
  7. Board Members' Reports - Each board member gave oral reports to bring the board up-to-date on their NVATA activities since the January 1996 board meeting.

    Mike Cox (Region VI Vice President) - The Region VI conference was held in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Dr. Larry Case was a keynote speaker; he talked about the key issues facing FFA and agricultural education. Dr. Case was followed by a panel discussion, which included a presentation by MeeCee Baker. Mike commended MeeCee on an excellent presentation representing NVATA's views on issues such as the relocation of the FFA Business Office (MeeCee received a standing ovation from the audience). Mike also reported on his travels to the six-state summer conference in New Hampshire and to the Maryland ag teachers' conference, which was actually held in Delaware. Mike then presented an update on the Mount Vernon Barn Building project. He and Woody Pugh represented NVATA as they reviewed the package of information regarding George Washington - the Farmer/Pioneer and the barn design project. Mike and Woody recommended that the Mount Vernon staff develop a lesson plan to be used in ag ed classes for teaching about George Washington - the Farmer/Pioneer. Then, those ag ed programs who want to participate in the barn design project could request additional information about that project, specifically.

    Bobby Joslin (Region V Vice President) - The Region V conference was held in Jackson, Mississippi. The format was a bit different this year to accommodate the Florida delegation (who had a schedule conflict with their state FFA convention). Attendance was a bit lower than normal, perhaps due to the location of the meeting - in the far western portion of the region. Bobby also attended the South Carolina ag teachers' conference and reported much improved interest in NVATA among South Carolina teachers. The South Carolina ag teachers got their idea for restructuring ag ed in their state by attending the 1995 NVATA Convention in Denver (using the North Carolina model). Bobby plans to attend the Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia ag teachers' conferences on his way home from this board meeting (two more weeks of travel!). Finally, Bobby reported on the states that have completed, are in the process of, or are planning a reorganization of ag ed in their states (NC, SC, and GA).

    Tom Kremer (Region IV Vice President) - After Tom's discussion of a letter he received from Bernie Staller in response to a letter he had written, he mentioned the meetings he had attended including the Illinois ag teachers' meeting, the Region IV conference in Lexington, Kentucky, and the Missouri ag teachers' meeting in Springfield. Tom said he was pleased to see the tight ag ed family in Missouri including Keith Dietschold (representing ag teachers), Terry Heiman and Gene Eulinger (state supervisors), Bob Birkenholz (teacher educators). Resolutions passed by the Missouri ag teachers included allowing FFA members to vote on the move of the FFA Business Office at the FFA convention, withholding FFA dues (escrowing dues money until the delegates vote on the move issue at the FFA convention), and passing a vote of no confidence in Bernie Staller. Missouri is planning to send these resolutions to all state presidents of ag teachers' associations.

    Duane Fisher (Region III Vice President) - The PAS Conference was held in March. The PAS Conference will be held next year in Columbus, Ohio. NVATA sponsors the PAS award for outstanding PAS advisor. A report from the National Farm and Ranch Conference was presented. Many adult agriculture teachers participated in this meeting. Duane suggested that NVATA might want to sponsor an outstanding advisor award program for this group similar to what we do for PAS. He also suggested that this group be invited to sponsor a workshop at the NVATA convention. Reports from the Nebraska ag teachers' conference, the Region III Conference in Baraboo, Wisconsin (Jay Jackman and Nancy O'Brien attended and made presentations on the latest news from the national scene), and the FFA Board meeting were also presented.

    Paul Jaure (Region II Vice President) - The Region II Conference was held in Stillwater. Lindell Duncan had a hard time saying goodbye. (However, Lindell is planning to supplement his retirement income by selling pages from his diaries from years back!) Paul suggested that NVATA needs to focus on the teacher shortage issue; perhaps a communications mechanism to get information out (networking) is needed. The dues increase was opposed at the Region II meeting probably due to lack of information as to why the dues increase is needed. William Fletcher, from Louisiana, will assume the position of NVATA Region II Alternate Vice President. The Region II teachers tended to be more interested in workshops, less in tours, for their conferences.

    Marc Beitia (Region I Vice President) - Marc talked about his letter and Bernie's response. Then he reported on the Region I Conference in Moscow, Idaho, and announced that Tom Heffernan, Jay Jackman, Bernie Staller, and David Cox had attended the meeting. Meeting highlights included excellent tours and a good panel discussion regarding the relocation of the FFA business office. Reports from the state teachers conferences in Utah, Montana, and California were given. Montana was concerned about the teacher shortage in that state. California was concerned about current shuffling at the State Department of Education. California expressed their approval of NVATA's professional liability insurance for teachers program.

    MeeCee Baker (President Elect) - MeeCee reported that Pennsylvania has decided to unify their dues structure and this should be good for NVATA membership in Pennsylvania. She urged that NVATA concentrate on retention of members as well as on recruitment of new members. MeeCee reported on Region VI and Region IV meetings. Regarding the FFA Board meeting, David Cox told MeeCee she/we had not been honest saying our concerns about the relocation of the FFA Center were not about separating ag ed, but about money. MeeCee and Tom are writing an article about the NVATA Convention for the Ag Ed Magazine. The H. O. Sergeant Task Force will look next year at awards for member and non-member contributions to promoting diversity. MeeCee shared the "search for the grave of H. O. Sergeant" story.

    Tom Heffernan (President) - Tom reported on the AVA Ag Ed Division Policy Committee meeting in St. Louis in March, the Region I NVATA meeting in Idaho in April, the special FFA Board meeting he attended in May, the FFA Board Consultants meeting, the Region V NVATA meeting in Jackson, Mississippi, the Local Program Success Task Force meeting, the FFA Board of Directors meeting, and the FFA Board of Trustees meeting. In particular, he discussed the questionnaire that the FFA Board asked NVATA to assist with that was somewhat botched. Regarding FFA Board consultants, it was agreed that each group would send three consultants, rather than four, as FFA paid travelers (NVATA would most likely send the President Elect, President, and Past President). Regarding Local Program Success, Tom reported that the task force had good teacher representation and that about $2.3 million of project had been proposed.

  8. Policy Manual - Duane Fisher moved, Marc Beitia seconded, to delete from page three of the Policy Manual the section entitled "Failure to Complete a Term of Service." Motion carried.

    By general consensus, any other matters related to the Policy Manual were assigned to the Bylaws/Policy Committee.

  9. TQM Manual - By general consensus, any matters related to the TQM Manual were assigned to the Public Relations Committee.
  10. Membership Update - The 1995-96 membership report was reviewed. Duane Fisher suggested that NVATA ask state leadership to indicate for inactives if they are deceased, retired, no longer teaching, still teaching but no longer NVATA member, etc. Bobby Joslin suggested that NVATA update the membership roster to ask for more demographic information from members. MeeCee Baker asked that we attempt to get the numbers of potential active NVATA members by learning how many classroom teachers there are in the United States. Bobby Joslin asked for the final 1995 count of active and life members.
  11. Budget - Jay Jackman led a discussion of the current budget and raised questions about some parts of the budget. It was agreed, by general consensus, to continue with the currently approved 1996-97 budget until presented to the Board for revisions by the executive director.

    Discussion then turned to budget items related directly to the upcoming NVATA convention. Moved by Marc Beitia, Duane Fisher seconded, to offer a weekend rate, rate to be set by the executive director. Motion carried.

    Moved by MeeCee Baker, Duane Fisher seconded, to provide guidance to the executive director to keep the convention registration fee as low as possible. Motion carried.

    The costs associated with The Leader newsletter were discussed. It was agreed that The Leader should be sent to adult and community college instructors (active members who are not FFA advisors), but it was unclear how these mailing lists would be accessed.

    Further, the executive director was asked to develop a three column budget with the previous year, current year, and proposed next year budgets shown together.

  12. Board Travel - It was agreed that the current rate of reimbursement for mileage of 29 cents per mile would be continued.

    A travel itinerary for all board members and the executive director is needed. Such a document will be developed following the January board meeting. Board members were asked to bring dates and locations of meetings they would like to attend in 1997 to the January board meeting. Further, board travel not on the officially approved travel itinerary must be approved by the executive director.

  13. Board and Committee Appointments - The board discussed committee appointments for the FFA Alumni Council, the FFA Career Development Events Advisory Committee, and the FFA Board of Directors.

    FFA Alumni Council - Lindell Duncan has 1.5 years remaining on his term of service to the FFA Alumni Council. Since Lindell has retired from teaching, he is to be replaced on the FFA Alumni Council. It was agreed that nominations (and resumes) for this position should be sent to the executive director; the executive director will send out the resumes and a ballot for selecting the new representative.

    FFA CDE Advisory Committee - NVATA needs to fill one of two CDE Advisory Committee positions. There were four nominees to fill the newly vacated position:

    Billy Shane Scott, Oklahoma, Region II
    Charles Erickson, Iowa, Region III
    Charles Rex Mayfield, Alabama, Region V
    Roy Beck, California, Region VI

    NVATA Board members reviewed the resumes of these four nominees. The board selected Roy Beck as the new NVATA representative to the FFA CDE Advisory Committee.

    FFA Board of Directors - The NVATA board discussed the process for nominating teachers to serve on the FFA Board of Directors. The executive director was asked to prepare guidelines for inclusion in the Leadership Handbook.

  14. FFA Convention - At the time of this board meeting, Tom Heffernan, MeeCee Baker, Marc Beitia, Paul Jaure, Duane Fisher, Tom Kremer, and Jay Jackman are planning to attend the National FFA Convention. NVATA will again have a booth at the Career Show; the executive director will establish a work schedule for board members to cover the Career Show booth. NVATA will serve as host for six professional development workshops at the convention. NVATA will sponsor a pizza dinner for the student teachers and ATA meetings held concurrently with the FFA convention. The executive director was asked to check with Ricardo Valencia regarding NVATA participation in the Honorary American FFA Degree activities.
  15. Committee Meetings - At this point, the Policy and Bylaws Committee and the Finance Committee went into committee session.

    Sunday, July 28, 1996

  16. Committee Meetings - At this point, the Member Services Committee and the Legislative Affairs Committee went into committee session.
  17. Committee Meetings - At this point, the Public Relations Committee and the Diversity Committee went into committee session.
  18. Committee Meeting - At this point, the Strategic Planning Committee went into committee session.
  19. Committee Reports - Moved by Duane Fisher, Tom Kremer seconded, to adopt the Strategic Planning Committee report. Motion carried.

    Motion by Tom Kremer, Bobby Joslin seconded, to adopt the Bylaws/Policy Committee report. Motion carried.

    Motion by Marc Beitia, Duane Fisher seconded, to adopt the Finance Committee report. Amendment by Paul Jaure, MeeCee Baker seconded, to send the recent issue of The Leader as part of the September 1996 all member mailing. Amendment carried. Motion, as amended, carried.

    Motion by Duane Fisher, Mike Cox seconded, to adopt the Member Services Committee report. Motion carried.

    Motion by Bobby Joslin, Paul Jaure seconded, to adopt the Legislative Affairs Committee report. Motion carried.

    (Tom Heffernan turned the chair to MeeCee Baker.)

    Motion by Mike Cox, Bobby Joslin seconded, to adopt the Diversity Committee report. Motion carried.

    (MeeCee Baker turned the chair back to Tom Heffernan.)

  20. Awards Judging and Approval - The regional winners for Outstanding Young Member, Outstanding Program, Outstanding Teacher, and Ideas Unlimited were reviewed. Motion by Duane Fisher, Tom Kremer seconded, to accept the winners. Motion carried. (A list of the awardees is attached.)

    The regional winners for Honorary Life Membership, Outstanding Cooperation Awards, and Outstanding Service Citations were reviewed. Motion by Bobby Joslin, Tom Kremer seconded, to accept the winners. Motion carried. (A list of the awardees is attached.)

  21. NVATA Convention - Regarding Professional State Association (PSA) awards, motion by Duane Fisher, Tom Kremer seconded, that every state that applies for the award will be listed as, at least, "Active State" for this year. Motion carried. By general consensus, the PSA award criteria and categories of awards was referred to the Member Services Committee for review.

    Regarding documents for the 1996 NVATA Convention, the following were agreed to: (1) the NVATA Annual Report and the awards publication will be combined into one document; (2) a set of committee reports will be prepared for distribution to each respective committee to include reports from the 1995 convention, the January 1996 board meeting, the 1996 regional meetings, and the July 1996 board meeting; (3) agendas for business meetings will be prepared and distributed at the convention.

    The schedule for the 1996 NVATA Convention was approved as presented.

    Regarding the Membership Gala Dinner Dance, motion by Paul Jaure, Duane Fisher seconded, that MeeCee Baker will be in charge of Gala details to include food, band, theme, and all other details. In addition, Tom Kremer was authorized to hire the band and spend up to $1,000 to secure the band.

  22. Position Vacancy - Jay Jackman reported that the new employee to fill the clerical position will be hired as an administrative assistant rather than an executive assistant. Susan Vaughn is in the position currently as a full-time temporary employee. The position will be announced and filled at Jay's discretion.
  23. Committee Reports - Moved by Marc Beitia, Duane Fisher seconded, to adopt the Public Relations Committee report. Motion carried. In addition, news releases to be prepared at convention include: (1) general attendance with individual pictures with the president or president elect; (2) award winners; and (3) new board members. Marc Beitia will coordinate the photography and news releases at convention.

    Monday, July 29, 1996

  24. Theme for 1996 NVATA Convention - After much discussion, the following theme was accepted for the 1996 convention: "Leadership in the Presence of Change."
  25. Future of Ag Ed Meeting - Tom Heffernan, MeeCee Baker, and Jay Jackman will represent NVATA at a meeting to plan the for the future of a national presence for agricultural education in Baltimore on August 17, 1996. The meeting is being planned and coordinated by The Council and NVATA. The board encouraged the following for the meeting: (1) review the agricultural education mission statement to see if it is still appropriate; (2) NVATA should assume a leadership role in the process; (3) we will consider FFA's offer for support before we make a decision about location; and (4) we encourage involvement of the FFA Foundation to secure industry support for a agricultural education headquarters rather than using FFA members dues money.
  26. Consultants to FFA Board - Motion by Duane Fisher, Tom Kremer seconded, that NVATA support the new process for consultants to the FFA Board of Directors beginning with the January 1997 board meeting. Motion carried. The consultants from NVATA will be the president, president elect, and past president.
  27. 1997 Summer NVATA Board Meeting - It was agreed that the 1997 summer NVATA board meeting dates and location would be at the discretion of MeeCee Baker.
  28. Adjournment - With no further official business to be conducted, the board meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m. The board will meet with the Vocational Agricultural Teachers¹ Association of Texas (VATAT) beginning at lunch today (Monday, July 29) and continuing through Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on each board member's schedule).